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Tales of Asgard #5 Empty Tales of Asgard #5

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"Ghosts of honor part 5"

Hogun stared at his opponent as they both prepared to fight each other. Hogun had issued a challenge against the sea hag in order to rid the land of her evil machinations.

So far the sea hag had proven a formidable enemy and had given the Warriors Three quite a battle. Hogun knew that he had to come up with a strategic plan in order to succeed against the sea hag for if he were to try meeting her head on as he had before(*see issue 4*) he would inevitably fail.

"Why dost thou hesitate warrior?" asked the sea hag "dost thou see the folly of this endevour and hope to beg at my feet?"

Hogun smiled at the sea hag "do not mistake my calculating nature as a sign of cowardice, one is not simply a warrior by leaping blindly into an attack".

The sea hag then laughed at this "no matter what thou plans it will all end in utter failure".

Hogun smiled "that remains to be seen".

They both circled each other, each scanning the other for some kind of weakness so that they could have an opportunity to capitalize.

"Once I am finished with thou and thy friends I will then destroy the realm eternal with my legions of the dead and the nine realms will be mine" said the sea hag.

"Not if Hogun the Grimm has anything to say about it" said Hogun as he prepared to attack.

The sea hag unleashed a bolt of blue energy at Hogun which nearly hit him had it not been for his warrior reflexes.

"That attack may have done me in had thou been up against a lesser opponent" said Hogun to the sea hag.

Hogun then took a swing with his mace at the sea hag which she promptly dodged.

"Thou art a braggart and I will dispatch thee as easily as a canine might a flea" said the sea hag to Hogun.

Hogun looked to the sea hag "Thou has still not seen the extent of my abilities, for as long as blood runs in my veins I wilt ever fight on".

"And that my vain warrior is what wilt be thy downfall" said the sea hag as she threw another bolt of energy at Hogun.

Hogun blocked the bolt with his mace and sent it hurdling back towards the sea hag. She was so caught off guard by this that the bolt managed to strike her hard, however she was quick to recover.

The sea hag glared at Hogun "I can see that thou art indeed a more worthy opponent than I hath thought, however that will be the only attack that wilt succeed this day".

Fandral and Volstagg stood back so as not to interfere with Hogun, they would gladly step in and help their comrade however they knew it was important that as a warrior born he keep to his word and finish the battle himself.

Hogun looked intently at the sea hag "thine arrogance is thy undoing" he said to her as he prepared another attack.

Hogun then moved quickly and took a swing at the sea hags midsection, she then blocked it with a shield of energy however it was clear that Hogun was wearing her down as the energy shield started to crack.

"Thy power seems to wain ancient one, maybe thou art not as powerful as thou hast claimed?" said Hogun as he pressed his mace harder against the shield.

"I will not be defeated" said the sea hag "for countless eons hath I trod upon this mortal coil and I will not suffer a lose by a puny godling".

"Things will always inevitably change" said Hogun as he applied more pressure to the shield.

The shield started to crack even more and Hogun could clearly see that the sea hag was now actually starting to feel fear, an emotion she hadn't experienced in so long she'd almost forgotten it.

"This is not possible, it can not be, no one has ever been able to defeat me" cried out the sea hag in horror.

"That means that thy tyranny is long overdue to be put to an end" said Hogun as he felt the energy shield starting to collapse.

The sea hag could feel her energy giving way, she knew that somehow, someway that she had met her equal and that her time was drawing to a close, however she refused to believe it.

"I shall not die, no matter how hard thou tries to fight me it will be in vain, my spirit is eternal and thy world will always fear the power I have within me" said the sea hag as the shield neared it's collapse.

"Nay" said Hogun "as long as there be heroes who hath the courage to fight against great evil, darkness will not ever overcome the might of righteous virtue".

With that the barrier finally collapsed and the sea hags power faded along with her as she burst into a cloud of green flames.

"This is not over asgardians, I will one day return and when that day cometh the Warriors Three will see firsthand my vengeance" said the sea hag before disappearing entirely.

Fandral looked to Hogun "dost thou believe that she is not defeated?"

Hogun smiled to Fandral "even if she doth return she should watch out for the Warriors Three will be guarding the realm eternal".

"The witch should have considered herself lucky that she did not face the wrath of mighty Volstagg" said their large companion.

"The wrath of thy foul breath wouldst have been most dire" said Fandral with a laugh.

The Warriors Three then made the long journey back to the forest village outside of Asgard. Hogun lead them back to the very spot where they had met the spectral army previously(*see issues 1 and 2*)

For a moment things were silent however a short time later the rider in black came riding up however this time he looked much more pleasant and a shining light was accompanying him.

The rider in black smiled at the Warriors Three before speaking "I must thank thee for thy deeds, if it were not for you three warriors my army and I would still be caught between worlds and would have never known peace. All the souls whom have been wrongly stole hath returned to their bodies however my army and I hath been in death for so long that our bodies are not there to return to. However we hath been assured of our place in Valhalla and for that we all must thank thee, truly art the three of thou the bravest warriors in the land, Asgard will forever shine ever more brightly with gods as thee watching over it".

With that the rider in black faded into the light all while waving goodbye to Hogun and his companions, this was indeed a day for celebration.

Fandral smiled at his companions before speaking "I know a nice tavern where we can get a good ale and a heroes welcome".

The three of them shared in a moment of laughter before heading off once again.



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