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Post  Craig DeBoard on Thu May 31, 2012 2:01 am

Nick Fury - Former director of S.H.E.I.L.D.
Winter Soldier - Also known as Bucky Barnes, the former sidekick of Captain America
Black Widow - Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova, former spy and S.H.E.I.L.D. operative.
"Dum Dum" Dugan - former S.H.E.I.L.D. operative and current A.W.O.L. fugitive.
Solo - James Bourne, former counter-terrorism operative, turned mercenary. Minor teleportation abilities.

Marvel: Redux Presents....
Avengers #2
"Avenge! Part Two: Death"
Written by Craig DeBoard

Avengers #2 AvengersLogo

"Man down! Man down! Holy f@&#%ing s#!t!!! Man down!!!"

"What the f@&# is going on, Fury?!?!" Buck Barnes screamed into his headset.

"Son of a b!#ch!! Man down!! We've already got one dead Aveng---"

"Fury?! FURY!! I'm losing your signal! Dammit!"


16 Hours Ago...

"So the first target is in Phoenix, Arizona. A military installation just off of McDowell Road next to the Papago Mountains. It's actually a military museum. Or so they claim. This is a safe house for S.H.E.I.L.D. They're currently holding the target there for extradition in one of the sub-levels under the complex," Nick Fury said as he pointed to a map laying on the table between Solo, Winter Soldier, Black Widow and Dum Dum.

The five of them sat in a secluded room in the base of the all-new, all-different HYDRA. The room itself was quite lavish, decorated with goat-leather furniture, exotic plants, a large plasma television that Dum Dum and Solo kept arguing over about it's size, and a mahogany center table with match end-tables.

"You seriously want this maniac to join us?" Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, said skeptically looking at the dossier file of their target.

"There isn't a man on this planet that would be more suitable for what we need," Fury responded puffing on his cigar.

"So when do we leave, my love?" Black Widow said as she sharpened the blade of small throwing knife, non-nonchalantly.

"Now," Fury stated.



Bucky felt the wind rushing into his face. Jumps like these always took him back to his time with Steve. When he and Captain America would make the jump into Nazi Germany territory. They were both so young then, and the excitement of it all was the only thing that could keep his hands from shaking and showing fear. It was pure adrenaline then. Almost...fun.

Now though, Steve lay in a coma. And Bucky had somehow found himself now as a part of HYDRA, and working with others to help release a mad-man from United States custody.

Things had changed so much.

The five of them landed silently at 03:00 AM on the Galvin Parkway near the Phoenix Zoo. No traffic in sight. This part of the city was close to one of the few remaining vestiges of true desert left in the metropolis of Phoenix. The only real civilization being the zoo itself, as well as a botanical garden that was deserted during the wee hours of the morning, and the nearby target of the military museum.

"In and out. Easy enough," Solo whispered to Black Widow as they removed their parachute gear and began digging to bury it.

"Quiet fool. The target will most likely kill all of us before this is ended," she retorted in her thick Russian accent.

The chutes were buried.

Barnes started his run across the desert floor toward the botanical garden.

"Do you read?" he whispered into his headset.

"Copy that, Greenwatch," came Fury's voice back to Bucky.

"This is Greenwatch, what your six, Big Ben?" Bucky asked quietly as he ran.

"Still running. Gar I'm too old for this, yeah," Dum Dum responded.

"Greenwatch, what's the intel on local authorities?" Solo whispered into his own head set as he ran next to Black Widow and Fury through the desert, the opposite direction of where Bucky was going.

"One And One, local patrols will be traveling down McDowell from the west, taking a right onto Galvin all the way down to Van Buren in approximately 23 minutes. Over." Bucky responded as he reached the botanical garden.

"Greenwatch, while on surveillance, please keep the rest of us informed of any potential civilians out driving around at this hour of night," Fury said.

"I was thinking I might let the local pervert out looking for some ass spot you guys though," Bucky replied as he pulled the duffle bag he wore on his back to the ground and began to assemble the .50 BMG rifle inside, keeping in mind to pay specific attention to and care for the telescopic scope.

"Cute. Let's keep the chitter-chatter to a minimum folks. Approaching McDowell now," Fury responded.

"Yeah, because the "leader" just might give us all away with his joke. You're a dick, you know that?" Bucky whispered as he finished assembling the rifle.

"You can lead all day long, son. But when I'm on the field and we need to be silent, we need to be silent. I'm not getting dropped because some--"

"Keep the chitter-chatter to a minimum folks," Bucky whispered locating his four teammates through the scope.

Fury smiled silently.

"S#!t. We have what looks to be a local authority, followed by a civilian vehicle making it's way up McDowell," Bucky whispered as he watched the two vehicles drive toward his team.

"I thought you said 23 minutes," Black Widow responded in annoyed tones.

The group got low lying behind sage brush.

"It should have been 23 minutes. I don't know what the f&%k Sheriff Joe has his people do out here. Most of it, they aren't allowed to anyways," Bucky said in defense.

"Well that's why we're here, to make sure the police start getting policed, and to stop doing the things that the people don't much care for," Dum Dum whispered into his headset.

"Greenwatch, this is One and One, moving in," Solo whispered.

A slight glow emanated around Solo and then vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Solo re-appeared on the other side of the highway.

"Vantage?" Fury asked.

"Clear," Solo replied.

"Clear," Bucky confirmed.

Fury, Widow, and Dum Dum then shuffled across the highway into the sage brush on the other side.

"Target building within two hundred yards," Black Widow reported.

"Copy that, Widow," Bucky said softly as he watched the four begin to make their way over the tall chain-link fence.


After several destroyed cameras and one acid burnt lock, the four made their way down an elevator shaft.

"Easy," Fury whispered.

"Sky is looking a tad pink folks. We'll have daylight in about an hour," Bucky said as he scanned the horizon from the botanical garden.

The four landed softly on the top of an elevator car. Black Widow slowly opened the hatch and the four dropped inside.

"Which floor?" Dum Dum asked softly.

"Sub-level 'C'," Black Widow responded.

Dum Dum pressed the button. The elevator slowly descended.

Bucky began packing up his duffel bag, and changing his clothes into a pair of jeans and a flannel button up shirt. "Extracting now. Heading for the greyhound station on 27th Avenue near Indian School Avenue. Sun is up. See you there." he whispered into the head set.

"Copy that, we shouldn't be too long," Fury replied.

The elevator stopped and the doors slowly opened.


"Man down! Man down! Holy f@&#%ing s#!t!!! Man down!!!"

"What the f@&# is going on, Fury?!?!" Buck Barnes screamed into his headset.

"Son of a b!#ch!! Man down!! We've already got one dead Aveng---"

"Fury?! FURY!! I'm losing your signal! Dammit!"

Bucky ran through the desert toward the McDowell highway.

Dum Dum was gone. The bullet hole between his eyes was one quarter of the size of the gaping wound in the back of his head where brain fluid and blood poured out.

"Close the f@&!ing door!!!" Fury screamed.

Bullets ripped into the elevator filling Dum Dum's corpse with more holes as it lay in the center. Widow was quickly scrambling up through the trap door in the elevator.


"AGGHHH!!!" she screamed as a bullet tore through her calf.

"Come on!!!" Solo yelled as he pulled her up into the elevator shaft.

"DO I GOTTA F@&!ING DO EVERYTHING MYSELF?!?!" Fury yelled diving across the elevator and hitting the button to close the doors.

"Come on!" he yelled firing back at his assailants with a magnum. The door seemed to go on forever as it closed.

"COME ON!!!" he yelled taking a bullet to the shoulder. "ARGH!!!"

The door closed. Fury took a deep breath. Then he heard more shots being fired outside of the elevator. He heard screams. Screams a man only hears in war. Screams a man makes when he's trying to hold his own guts in his body. Screams a man makes when he can't find his own foot.

And then...


Fury's hands shook. They trembled. He pushed the button.

The doors opened. Dead bodies lie all around. Dead agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. Everywhere.

The man, covered in blood, the majority of it not his own, aimed an AR15 at Fury's face.

"I don't need help," Frank Castle said.

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Avengers #2 Empty Re Avengers 2#

Post  Eric Nyman on Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:53 am

Craig this issue was incredible. From the dialogue between the team members to the way you jumped from past to present. Also the reveal about who the team was breaking out had me going "Oh S@#T it really is going to be the world's most violent team. I cant wait to see what happens next. Nice job.

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