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Post  Eric Nyman on Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:01 am

Prelude......Los Angeles, California

A sold out crowd packed the Staples Center for the WWE's latest Pay Per View offering "NO WAY Out", and after the show was over several hundred fans gathered around the back entrance. Carrying signs and wearing the latest merchandise emblazoned with their favorite wrestlers likeness and logo.

For Selma Warren it was the greatest night of her life. Her friends had bought her tickets to the show for her birthday and now thanks to a WWE stage hand she had met online. Selma was about to go backstage and meet her favorite wrestler ....John Cena.

Selma nervously stood off to the side of the crowd wearing her "Rise Above the Hate" T-Shirt the latest in official WWE sanctioned John Cena merchandise. Her excitement building as she saw the stage hand walking towards her.

"Over here", said Selma waving to the stage hand.

"Wow you look nice", said the Stage Hand as he looked Selma up and down a sly smile on his face.

"Do you think John will like that I am wearing his shirt", Selma asked coyly.

"Oh he will love it", replied the stage hand.

"Cool", responded Selma with a broad smile.

"Ok so right this way", said the Stage Hand as He and Selma walked into the building.

Issue 2#
"Brand New Day Part 2"
"Things Get Interesting"
Written by Eric J Nyman

"If you could see what I can see", sang Spiderman as he swung out in a wide arc around the Empire State Building.

"Flying High Again", screamed Spiderman as he released his webline and performed a triple somersault before landing on the roof of a nearby building.

Singing was never Peter Parker's strong suit but after everything he had been through in the last few months. He was in an exceptionally good mood. He had his secret identity back and the two people that were most important in his life Aunt May and his wife Mary Jane were safe.

However there were still some unanswered questions. After being brought to the Web of Life by Ezekiel and having parts of his life reset, including the part where he had unmasked, Spiderman knew there would be fall out, but wasnt sure what it would be.

"Something Major, Something Minor, Something Good, Something Bad", Spiderman cringed as he remembered Ezekiel's words.

Peter had searched the internet for video of his unmasking, which no longer existed. However he did find video of himself fighting Iron Man after he had left the Avengers.

He also found newsarticles and video from newscasts saying he had disappeared. What this meant Spiderman was not sure.

"I guess all I can do is wait and see what happens", Spiderman thought to himself.

Spiderman shot a webline at a nearby building and slingshotted himself into the air, resuming his patrol.

Peter felt his Spider Sense go into overdrive as he swung through downtown Manhatten. He didn't need to look to hard to figure out what it was, the sound of gunfire errupting from the Bank of America building pretty much told him what it was.

"I guess its time for me to show people that rumors of my demise were greatly exaggereated", Spiderman said to himself.

Spinning around in mid-air Spiderman headed for the Bank of America building.

As Spiderman arrived he saw New York's finest engaged in a shoot out with four heavily armed Bank Robbers. Spiderman motioned to the Police to back off as he swung in. Landing with both feet squarely in one of the Robber stomach while simultaneously launching weblines to disarm disarm the other robbers.

"Sorry coming through, got to use the ATM", quiped Spiderman.

Spiderman stopped for the briefest of seconds and looked at face of one of the robbers he had just taken out. All four of the Robbers were wearing masks but this one particularly stood out.

"Really a Justin Bieber mask....Really !!!", Spiderman said with a shake of his head.

Peter's spider sense tingled again as the fourth robber had regained his composure and had taken aim at him. Spiderman performed a backflip behind him the robber, followed by a dropkick to the back of the robber's head. The momentum sent the Fourth Robber crashing into the other two that had recovered their weapons.

Spiderman then simply webbed up the three of them.

As the police approached with guns drawn, Spiderman readied himself to take them down. Not that he wanted too but Spidey was pretty sure, he was a wanted felon due to his leaving the Pro Registration forces. However the two Policemen in front of Spiderman quickly holstered there weapons, while the rest went about gathering up the bank robbers.

"You're not going to try and arrest me", asked Spiderman puzzled.

"No we are just glad you are back", replied one of the cops.

"Seriously we dont we dont care about the Registration Act, you have always been there for us", the other cop chimed in.

"Thanks" was all Spiderman could say as he leaped into the air and clung to the side of the Bank of America building, before firing a webline and swinging away.

From the crowd of onlookers who had watched Spiderman swing into action. One man stared intently and visually followed Spiderman's path as he swung away.

The man pulled out a cellphone and quickly dialed a number.

"Your bait worked....Spiderman is back", said the man.

"Can you keep eyes on him until we are ready", asked the voice on the other end.

"Yes", said the man in response.

"Very good....Venom", replied the voice on the other end.

An hour later Spiderman finished his patrol and landed on the roof of his condo. Crawling in through the skylight over his bedroom, Peter was surprised to see Mary Jane waiting for him. After everthing they had been through together Peter could tell when something was wrong with her, just by her body language and her facial expressions.

The fact that Mary Jane was standing there with her arms crossed and her fingers drumming on the side of her arms, combined with the fact that her eyes were focused on Peter like a laser beam. Told Peter one thing.....something was really really wrong.

"Hi Honey", said Peter with a charming smile after he pulled off his mask.

"Dont Hi Honey me Tiger", snapped Mary Jane as she grimaced at Peter.

"So when were you going to tell me", MJ added.

A look of shock and confusion came over Peter's face faster then the time as a kid when Flash Thompson had goaded him into riding the Roller Coaster at Coney Island. Peter's first thought was that Mary Jane had found out about Ezekiel and the Web of Life. A million possible answers to Mary Jane's question went through Peter's head, but before he could decide which one to use. Mary Jane cut him off.

"When were you going to tell me Harry was back in town", Mary Jane said with a smile.

Epilogue......Los Angeles California

It was dawn in the city of angels and bleary eyed LAPD Homicide Detective Vin Gonzales walked into the back entrance of the Staples Center. After working a double shift the day before Vin had just gotten home and gone to bed when he was called out to a crime scene at the Staples Center.

Stepping under the police tape, Vin walked towards one of the Patrolmen who was standing in front of what seemed to be a lifeless ball of white thread, while the Medical Examiner knelt down in front of it.

"So what do we got", asked Gonzales.

"Cleaning Crew showed up for work when what seemed to be a giant white ball dropped down from the rafters", said the Patrolman as he pointed up toward the catwalk.

"Upon closer inspection they found the body of a young woman inside and called us", the Patrolman added.

"Thanks", said Gonzales as he walked toward the body.

Gonzales had seen a lot in the time he had been a Detective with LAPD Homicde. Drive by shootings that not only took out the intended target but twenty bystanders as well. Sex crimes that gave new meaning to the word depraved, but this was totally different.

The silken heavy rope that wrapped around the legs of the victim like a cocoon and the frozen wide eyed look of horror on the victim's face, told Gonzales that he would have nightmares for a very lond time. Gonzales walked up behind the Medical Examiner and tapped him on the shoulder.

"So do we have ID on the victim Doc", asked Gonzales.

"Yes we do", repiled the M.E as he handed Gonzales the victim's purse.

"Selma Warren of Silver Lake....only 23 years old", said Gonzales trying to hide his disgust at the loss of a young wife.

"I will now more once I get her back to the lab, but for now I would say the cause of death was exanguination", said the M.E

"Any rough idea on how it was done", asked Gonzales.

The Medical Examiner was quiet for a second as he looked at Gonzales. Vin could tell that this murder was something entirely new for him too. The M.E then shook his head and pointed toward Selma's ash white skin on her neck and two punture holes on it.

"I would say something bit her", replied the M.E

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Post  Paul E. Schultz on Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:29 pm

Dude, I didn't even know this was up until a few minutes ago! I think this story is really coming along. You don't waste time, you obviously have a grasp of comic book pacing. I also like the introduction of minor characters who don't exist in the Marvel Universe, like your detective, for instance. Can't wait for issue three!
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Post  Craig DeBoard on Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:20 am

Good stuff!!

Harry Osborn? Oh boy! This is going to be good!
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