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Post  Eric Nyman on Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:10 am

Peter Parker was not sure how long he had been staring out at the water, as he and Mary Jane leaned on the rail of the Long Island ferry. It could have been three minutes or it could have been three hours for all Peter knew.

So many things were going through Peter's mind as the ferry pulled away from the dock.

One of the things was the two billboards on opposing buildings that showed Peter the irony of life, in a "The more things change, the more they stay the same" type of way.

On one billboard was a picture of Dexter Bennett the new owner of the Daily Bugle, or as he had renamed it the DB. Bennett had accquired the bugle last year in a leveraged buyout from J Jonah Jameson three years ago, and in a surprise that Peter could never have expected Bennett was very pro Spiderman and wanted to make sure the paper showed him in a positive light.

The other was the fact that J Jonah Jameson had rebounded in a big way. Entering politics on a Anti-Registration Act platform Old J.J had become the Mayor of New York. However despite being against Registration Act, Jonah still managed to take his fair share of shots at Spiderman.

That was one thing that was on Peter's mind, but that paled in comparison to what he and Mary Jane were about to do today.

Today he and Mary Jane were heading over to Long Island to visit one of their oldest and dearest friends Harry Osborn.

Back in high school and college Peter, Mary Jane, Harry, Flash Thompson, Liz Allen and Gwen Stacy were the best of friends and inseperable. Peter smiled as he thought of the nights the five of them spent hanging out at clubs or going to play pool. Peter was dating Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane and Harry were a couple. Those were the day and Peter thought they would never end.

Unfortunately they did.

Harry's father Norman Osborn was the owner and CEO of Oscorp. A multi national research and technology company. A billionaire and a philanthropist at one point the only real competition that Tony Stark and Stark Industries had. However Norman had a secret.

He was also the Green Goblin one of Spiderman's deadliest foes.

Peter as Spiderman had clashed with Norman on more then one occasion, and during one encounter Norman as the Green Goblin had even managed to learn Spiderman's secret identity. The only thing that kept the Goblin from revealing Peter's secret identity to the world, was that Norman also suffered from multiple personality disorder and the Green Goblin was a seperate personality, so when Norman was in control he did not know Peter was Spiderman.

At one point though Norman who had been undergoing therapy, and the Goblin became the dominant personality.

The Green Goblin went after Spiderman and during the battle Gwen Stacy the then love of Peter's life was killed. As Spiderman went to bring the Green Goblin to justice Norman's personality began to reasert itself. However it was too late as Norman was seemingly killed. Impaled by his own Goblin Glider in a freak accident.

This should have been the end of the Green Goblin......but it wasnt.

Harry inherited his father's company and seemed to step right in and take charge of day to day operations. However Harry also had his own share of demons as well and had witnessed the final battle between Spiderman and the Green Goblin. After finding out that it was really his father, Harry removed the Goblin costume before calling the police.....and swearing revenge on Spiderman.

Harry became the second Green Goblin and clashed with Spiderman on more then one occasion. Even finding out Peter's dual identity. However Harry stopped when high school friend Liz Allen rentered his life.

Somehow Liz managed to convince Harry to fully look into what happened between Peter and Norman and make peace with it. They eventually married and had a son named Norman. Or as they called him "Normie".

Harry and Peter even managed to become friends again.

Peter's life though always known for taking some intersting twists and turns decided to take the equivalent of a sharp corner on two wheels and ninety miles an hour.

Norman Osborn returned with his own personality and that of the Green Goblin fused together. After revealing himself to Peter as the mastermind behind the return of the Jackal and the clone of Peter, Ben Riley who had taken over the role of Spiderman for a time. Norman decided to take revenge on the people he felt had wronged him. Which included Harry, Liz and Normie as well as Peter and Mary Jane.

Peter as Spiderman was able to defeat Norman but during the battle Ben Riley, Liz and Normie were killed.

Harry was a broken man and had left the country and moved to Europe until yesterday when he had called Mary Jane and asked for her and Peter to come visit him.

"So Tiger watcha thinking about", Mary Jane said as she wrapped herself around Peter's arm and placed her head on his shoulder.

"Would you believe history", Peter said with a smile.

"I know me too", Mary Jane said as she leaned over and kissed peter on the lips.

"So what does your Spidey sense tell you", MJ said with a smile.

"Nothing thats what worries me", Peter said.

Over on the other side of the ferry and man stared at Peter and MJ intently and then pulled out his cellphone to send a text message. The message was very simple, it read "I have two of the targets insight...what should I do".

As the man hit send, his phone beeped instantly with a reply. It was three simple words.

"Take Them All".

For the briefest of seconds the man's clothes turned all black and the flash of a long jagged death's head smile crossed his face. His true face.

"Sooooon", he hissed.

Venom was ready.

Issue 3#
"Brand New Day Part 3"
"Old Friends"
Written by Eric J Nyman

As Peter and Mary Jane stepped off the ferry a long black stetch linosuine pulled up to the ramp and the driver stepped out Quickly moving to the back and opening the rear door. Peter and Mary Jane went to walk around the Limo until harry stepped out.

"Pete....MJ....over here", shouted Harry as Peter and Mary Jane walked towards him.

The three of them looked at each other and were silent for a moment. Before embracing and laughing the way only old friends can.

"Harry you look great", said Peter.

"Totally", added Mary Jane.

"Thanks.....come on lets get going", replied Harry with a smile, as he gestured towards the limo.

"Where are we going", asked Mary Jane.

"Got something I want to show you guys", answered Harry.

As the limo drove to their destination, Harry, Peter and Mary Jane laughed and joked and reminiced about days gone by and good times.

The limo pulled into the main plaza of a sleek and high tech looking office building. With a diamond shaped waterfall in front of it, but what caught Peter and Mary Jane's attention was the burnished steel sign over the door.

Osborn Technology.....

"Harry does this mean your", Peter began.

"Yeah i am back", said Harry.

Peter was not quite sure what this meant, but before he could ask Harry cut him off.

"Come on in guys....I will explain inside", said Harry as he Peter and Mary Jane emerged from the limo.

A tall and stunningly beautiful blond haired woman, dressed in sexy yet conservative business atire and carry a tablet emerged from the front door. Her stride screamed poise and confidence and possibly a slight touch of arrogance as she walked toward Harry. MJ just looked at Peter and shook her head, she had seen the type before and was not impressed.

"Peter and Mary Jane Parker I would like to introduce you to my executive assistant Lily Holister", Harry said with a smile.

"Hi", Peter said as he stuck out his hand.

"Its great to meet you Peter", Lily gushed as she shook Peter's hand with a broad smile.

Mary Jane stuck out her hand but Lily completely ignored her and turned to Harry. Peter and MJ exchanged glances. MJ's glance said "I really want to put this chick in her place"", while Peter's look said "Let it go...for now".

"Harry.....Donald Trump called again", Lily said as she looked at her tablet.

"Oh for the love of God tell him I have absolutely, positively no desire to be on the Apprentice", snapped Harry.

"I hate reality tv....and I hate Trump's hair too", added Harry.

"Yes sir", said Lily trying not to laugh.

"Lily my friends and I will be in my office for awhile, please see that we are not disturbed", Harry said.

"Yes Harry....nice to meet you Peter", Lily said as she again completely ignored Mary jane and headed into the building.

"I think I will avoid the Christmas rush and start hating her early", Mary Jane said with a sarcastic tone.

"Harry", Peter said as he gave Harry and incredulous look.

"What can i say i am not my father", Harry said with a smile and a shrug.

A few minutes later Peter, MJ and Harry were sitting in Harry's office, which was actually more like a small house. With several rooms off of it, including a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen.

"So what exactly do you do here", asked Peter as Harry walked toward the refridgerator and opened the door.

"Medical research mostly.....trying to find new technologies for helping people", answered Harry as he emerged from the fridge with three sodas and handed two of them to Peter and Mary Jane.

Harry looked at Peter and Mary Jane. He knew their concern, he knew his past and he knew what they were about to ask.

"I had a lot of time to think while I was gone", Harry began.

"About what Liz and Normie would want me to do and about what I wanted to do", Harry said.

"I want to help people", Harry continued.

"I want the Osborn name to mean something again....something positive", concluded.

"So your not", Peter asked.

"Planning on trying to kill you ...no", Harry said cutting him off.

"The Green Goblin", Mary jane interjected.

"I can't change the past, I can just change my future...which is why I asked you and Peter to come visit today", Harry said.

"Why is that", Peter asked.

"I want to offer you a job Peter...and no I dont want Spiderman...I want Peter Parker the most gifted research scientist I know", Harry said.

"So what do you say Pete, want to come work for your best friend", asked Harry.

Before Peter could answer the door to harry's office burst open and Lily walked in, with one of the security guards behind her. Mary Jane had finally had enough of this woman and rose to her feet to tell her off. Until Mary Jane noticed something, Lily was not walking the same way she had before.

Where in front of the building Lily had walked with confidence almost to the point of being arrogant. She now moved slowly her steps showing fear and trepidation. Lily's face was different too, where it was "Yes I am hot and I know it" before. Now it was a mask of sheer terror.

"Peter", Mary Jane said.

"I know", Peter cut her off as he motioned for MJ and Harry to get behind him. Peter did not understand why his spider sense was not wailing like a fire alarm, but he knew from Lily's body language something was seriously wrong.

Suddenly the security guard behind Lily shoved her towards the wall. Lily's feet left the ground and she slammed into the wall and crumpled to the flooor unconscious,

Peter lunged toward the security guard but with speed that defied description, the security guard swatted him across the head and neck. The force of the blow caused Peter to crash through the far wall of the office and into the next room.

Mary Jane and harry were not sure what to do as the Security Guard's uniform seemed to melt away and then reform around him. turning him into the terrifying monster known as Venom.

"Dont worry Ms Parker I will get to you and your husband soon enough", Venom said with a long drawn out nails across a black board hiss.

"I was told to take care of somebody else first", Venom added as he quickly reached out and grabbed Harry by the neck and lifted him into the air.

"Hello Harry....Daddy sends his regards", Venom said with a laugh.

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Post  Paul E. Schultz on Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:10 am

Your roots are showing! You can tell you're a classic Spidey fan. Keep it up! I realize a Venom story is unavoidable when doing Spiderman, but I'm curious how this is going to play out. I always thought Harry Osborn got a bad rap. Can't wait to see where this goes.
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Post  Nik Havert on Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:31 pm

Nicely done. Venom is always a wild card, but you seem to have a good plan for him.

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Post  Craig DeBoard on Thu Jun 21, 2012 2:05 am

Really good stuff. Reminds me of 90s Spidey but pre-Clone Saga (my favorite era of Spidey when Erik Larsen was on Amazing). This is getting really good.
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