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Post  Eric Nyman on Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:54 pm

They say when you die, your life flashes before your eyes and in Harry Osborn's case it was absolutely true.

Staring into the cold white slits that passed for eyes on Venom, and feeling his skin crawl from the hot sickening breath that came through Venom's gleaming predatory sharp teeth, Harry's life from DNA until that very moment ran through his head.

Like a movie on fast foward the images appeared and dissappeared and only one thing stuck out for Harry.

There were not enough good parts.

However as scared as Harry was, there was one thing for certain. He was not going to let Venom know it. If he was to die today Harry Osborn would face it like a man.

"So are you going to kill me or are you going to stand there and just drool on me", said Harry with a laugh.

"I thought I would take my time", laughed Venom in response.

"I like to see the fear light up in my victims eyes, before I snuff it out by eating their brains", Venom added.

"Well you might as well skip to the part where you kill me, because I am not afraid of you", said Harry as he stared down Venom without even blinking.

"Oh My Harry how you have grown:, Venom began.

"Acting all brave while you're still a scared little boy, was life with daddy that bad", Venom said.

"Of course you're not afraid of me", hissed Venom as he pulled Harry closer to him.

"Yo Snaggleteeth I got two words for ya" a voice called out from behind Venom and Harry.

Venom turned his head toward the sound of the voice just as Mary Jane, unloaded the contents of a fire extuinguisher into Venom's face. Venom coughed and gagged and lost his grip on Harry, who managed to get free and back away to the other side of the room.

"Breath Mint", Mary jane said with a smile as she watched Venom wipe the flame retardant foam away from his face.

With a single theatrical gesture Venom waved his arm and let fly with a sweeping wave of webbing that caught Mary Jane around the torso and pinned her to the wall. MJ struggled to get free but it was like being stuck in cement. As Venom slowly advanced toward her, just like Harry a few minutes earlier Mary Jane was not going to show this symbiotic psycho any fear.

Suddenly the picture window behind Venom shattered with an ear splitting cacophany as a familiar red and blue web slinger came through it feet first. Spiderman landed for the briefest of seconds and fired a webline at Venom.

"Lets see Hot Red head movie star check....the billionaire....double check....Psychopath with a symbiote triple check....the only thing missing is..." said Spiderman.

"Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman....now its a party", added Spiderman.

"Spiderman...you....gggllllphh", Venom began before the webbing covered his head.

With Venom secure Spiderman jerked hard on the webline pulling Venom towards him, and then just as Venom was directly in front of him Spiderman leapt into the air wrapping his legs around Venom's head. Spiderman then fell backward performing a hurracarana that sent Venom sprawling through the remains of the picture window and into the next building.

Spiderman quickly went over to Mary Jane and pulled her free from the webbing.

"Are you ok", asked Spidey.

"Yeah you tiger" said MJ

"Me Peachy", replied Spiderman.

Spiderman then went over and helped Harry to his feet. Despite everything that had happened between them Harry looked at Peter and smiled.

"Pete old buddy any chance you could do your best friend a favor", Harry began.

"Get the jerk with the bad teeth out of my building, and you dont have to do it gently", Harry said.

"No Problem", Spiderman said simply in respose.

"Get everybody out to safety", Spiderman added as he jumped out the window and fired a webline.

"Here I come to save the day", sang Spiderman as he swung towards the next building. Harry watched as Spiderman swung out of the window, as Venom's words stuck in his head.

Harry could'nt help but think there was something familiar about them.

Issue 4#
"Brand New Day Part 4#"
"The Rules Have Changed"
Written by - Eric J Nyman

As Spiderman swung low towards the next building Venom who had landed on the roof, recovered and launched himself into the air towards Spiderman. Venom caught Spiderman around the waist and caused the webline to break, the momentum of the impact sending Venom and Spiderman backward towards a skylight over the building.

"Yeah this is going to leave a mark", SPiderman said aloud as he and venom crashed through the skylight.

As they crashed through the Skylight Spiderman at the last second managed to snare one of the pipes that went along the ceiling with a webline and break his fall. While at the same time kicking Venom away from him. Venom slammed back first into a bank of heavy machinery before landing on the ground face first.

Spiderman let the momentum generated by the webline allow him to swing toward the far wall of the building where he landed and stuck.
Venom who recovered from his crash landing quickly formed several sharp jagged spears with his symbiote's webbing and launched them at Spiderman.

Spiderman barely leapt out of the way, as the spears imbedded themselves into the concrete wall with a sharp THUNNKKK !!!. The wall crawler performed a series of leaps and backflips riccocheting off the walls and the floor before landing behind Venom and grabbing him around the waist.

The Web Slinger's muscles strained as he lifted Venom into the air and jammed him into the concrete floor of the building with a German Suplex. Venom landed on his neck and shoulders and then fell onto his stomach. Normally Spiderman would not use such a viscious move but Venom was not a normal opponent and needed to be taken out quickly.

As Venom struggled to get to all fours, Spiderman tried to talk to Venom. Peter did not know who was the Venom symbiote's host at the moment.

After Spiderman had accidently brought it back from an alien world thinking it was a new type of costume. Peter quickly found out it was much more then that. It was a symbiote life form that granted its host immense power. However the longer the symbiote was bonded to a host it overpowered the hosts consciousness.

The symbiote had passed through many hands. From Eddie Brock to a mobsters son named Dommenic Fortune and then to Mac Gargan the original Scorpion. Since Spiderman did not see anything that used sonics or fire in the immediate area to contain Venom, he decided to go with psychological warfare. Spiderman began to speak, hoping maybe his words would allow whoever the host was to regain control over the symbiote.

"I dont know who is under there, but I hope you realize that you really need to get that suit off", Spiderman said.

"Oh trust me Spiderman you know who is bonded with us", snarled Venom as he recovered and lunged toward Spiderman.

"Brock is that you", replied Spiderman he sidestepped Venom and grabbed him by the arm. Redirecting Venom's momentum and using it fling him into a nearby computer bank.

The heavy computer equipment shattered and fell to the ground. Electrical sparks flew into the air as live wires arc'd and danced around Venom as he climbed to his feet.

"No not Brock", said Venom as he rose to his feet.

"Brock was my first host after you", but not my last", laughed Venom.

Venom lunged at Spiderman yet again and the two began trading punches. Although Venom was stronger Spiderman manged to roll with Venom's punches to minimize the damge. Although he could still feel each impact. Spiderman ducked a roundhouse right by Venom and then hiptossed him to the floor.

"So Scorpion is still you're host then", said Spiderman as jumped into the air and decked Venom with a spinning back fist.

"So Gargan how do you like being the symbiote's bitch", snapped Spiderman as he hit Venom with a right uppercut to the jaw. That caused Venom to flip over several times before hitting the ground.

"Gargan was too weak to be part of us", hissed Venom.

"So we replaced him", added Venom.

"However we are definitely somebody you know well", Venom said.

That one statement caused Spiderman to pause for the briefest of seconds.

Which gave Venom the opening he needed.

Venom kipped up to his feet and as Spiderman moved in to finish him off, Venom stepped out of the way and clotheslined Spiderman to the ground. Spiderman's head bounced off the floor with a dull thud as a cascade of stars and birdies flew in front of his eyes.

Before he could recover Venom picked him up by the throat and held him in place with one hand by the throat. While repeatedly punching him in the face with the other. Venom then spiked Peter into the ground with a devastating chokeslam.

Venom picked up Spiderman's lifeless body and pressed him over his head and launched him toward another wall. Even in his in his dazed state, Spiderman tried to get his hands up to break his momentum but the force to great. Spiderman felt his shoulder dislocate with a wet snap as he hit the wall, and the trickle of blood that started running down his face under his mask.

Spiderman was semi conscious as he slid down the wall to the floor and Venom intercepted him and picked him up like a ragdoll.

Venom pulled off Spiderman's mask and revealed Peter Parker's face. Peter's eyes struggled to focus as he stared into Venom's grotesque grinning death's head.

"Well now that we have seen your face Peter, maybe its time for you to see ours", Venom said.

The symbiote pulled itself away from Venom's face and revealed it's human host. Somebody Peter never would have suspected.

"Both of us unmasked......It's deja vu all over again", said Norman Osborn

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Post  Paul E. Schultz on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:45 am

Whew! For a minute, I thought for sure it was gonna be Aunt May! Just kidding. You have a nice way of moving the plot forward, very traditional comic book storytelling, which I like. Keep it up!
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