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Post  Mechajared on Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:00 pm


This was yet another virtue that had been taught to Thor and Loki by their regal father Odin. This was something which Thor many times had strived to be, he knew he had infinite power at his disposal and could at many times be selfish. In many ways it was one of the virtues which Thor had trouble with, he did not want to be thought of someone who only thought of himself however because of his heritage and his power it was easy to get caught up in his own legend.

What does one do when they have the heritage of godhood? when the powers of the elements are yours to command. This and more would Thor have to contemplate, he had already thus proven his Valor whilst fighting against Ymir and Loki(*see issue one*)however he still had yet to prove that he had learned the other lessons which had been taught to Loki and himself as children.

Thor once again contemplated this and much more for he knew that in order to succeed his all powerful father he would have to learn these virtues. Thor stood outside a balcony just right outside the grand splendor of his fathers vast castle, he then watched the figure of Sif come up to him "I have missed my beloved" she said to him tenderly. "As have I Sif, what bodes in Svartalhiem?" Thor said to her with a smile.

"Many of the dark elves are still divided, some still blame thy father for the plight of their race whilst others understand that there was nothing Odin could have done to help them" said Sif with a sigh of sadness. "Try to remember my beloved Thor that it was their selfishness which lead to their current state, even if the whole of Asgard had battled on their behalf they would have still fallen for they sought power in many dark places"

Thor nodded "tis true however it is still a very tragic thing and I can not but help feel a sense of sorrow for them, should an entire race suffer because of the horrible decisions of it's leaders?"

"I agree my love however we must not dwell on the past but yet look to the future and help them in what ways we can, tis a time to try and be generous as opposed to being selfish" said Sif staring off into the horizon.

"Thy words echo true" said Thor to his beloved "tis the present that matters and we will make sure that there is but a great future for the nine realms". Thor stared out into the distance and then looked to Sif "I would like to go to Svartalhiem and aid the people there, there are still good people amongst the dark elves and hopefully by the wisdom of Odin they could become a great nation again".

Sif then looked to Thor "I will accompany you, though I know your intentions are true I fear many of them will not accept you with open arms"
Thor then shook his head "I wouldst not ask you to go with me since you've just recently returned from a long journey there yourself".

"Tis something I would like to do and besides I was not asking thy permission" Sif said to the Thunder god. Thor then smiled at her "I know that when you are set on doing a task that nothing will sway you not even the god of thunder" Thor said placing his hand on hers. "Very well then we will both travel to Svertalhiem by the power of my mystic hammer Mjolnir"


It did not take Thor and Sif long to get to Svartalhiem, using the power of his hammer Thor was able to transport them within the space of a few minutes. Thor took in the view of the land, Svartelhiem had indeed seen better days, Thor did know that it was a fate they had brought onto themselves however whenever the god of thunder was to see anyone in pain it truly made his heart ache.

Thor and Sif landed just outside a small village of dark elves, they were then greeted by an older elf whom Thor assumed was the village elder. "Welcome strangers, what brings thee to Svartalhiem?" he asked them.

"I had heard that many villages had begun to start rebuilding, Sif and I had endeavored to help thee in this, we wish to help Svartalhiem rebuild" Said Thor to the old elf.

"Do not trust them" came a voice from behind the old man. Just then a younger elf stepped passed the old man and looked straight at Thor "They are asgardians, was it not them who never came to our aid when we needed it most?"

"That is enough" said the older elf "please I do apologize for his rude behavior, you see he distrusts anyone who isn't a dark elf"

"There is no need to apologize for he has a right to question our being here" said Thor to the old elf.

The young elf came over to Thor and Sif "You shouldn't have come asgardians, dost though think helping us now will make up for the fact that your people never once helped us against the frost giants?"

Sif stared at the Elf "still thy tongue" she said grabbing for her sword, Thor however touched her hand to stop her "Nay Sif, he has a right to say so" Thor then looked to the Elf "what is thy name?"

"Dremir, I have been keeping this village safe and working in fine order without the aid of you Asgardians, I find thy presence to be an insult" said Dremir angerly to Thor.

The village elder then came over to Thor and Dremir "There will be no malice towards these guests, they have come here in good faith and I for one believe their good intentions, they will be treated with the utmost respect"

Dremir then gave Thor an angry look then looked again to the Elder "I am sorry, if the elder says to treat them with respect then thy will be done"

"What is going on father? I heard you yelling" said a young voice in the crowd, Thor and Sif then saw a young elf boy with a cane walk out, from the looks of his white eyes and his cane Thor and Sif had already guessed that this young elf was blind.

"Twas nothing Kendal, what are you doing up? you know you must conserve what strength you have until the seeing ceremony" said Dremir to the young elf.

"What is this seeing ceremony?" Thor asked.

Dremir glared at Thor upon saying that, the village elder then spoke "you see this young child though he is blind has been gifted with the ability to see into the future, the ceremony happens once every season, we then ask him if the village will be able to survive another year and if there will be a good harvest".

"We would not have to put my son through this ordeal had the asgardians helped us in our fight with the frost giants" Dremir said.

The Elder then looked to Dremir "As I have told you before, we will treat these guests with the utmost respect, this discussion is ended".

Dremir slipped off into the shadows muttering something under his breath.

Once Dremir was a good ways away from the village a shadowy figure approached him revealing the figure of Loki "I have come to help you dispose of those interlopers" Loki said as he smiled at Dremir.

"You see I too have troubles with these travelers and they have also caused me much pain, I as much as you would love to see them pay for their insolence" Loki said with a twisted smile.

Dremir was unfortunately too clouded by hate to refuse Loki "What should we do to rid ourselves of them?" Dremir asked. Loki then smiled "simple, you must kill Thor"
Dremir then gave Loki a baffled look "I can't do that, he's too powerful"
Loki smiled "yes but wait until he has gone to sleep, then thou wilt be able to slip in undetected and give the death blow with this knife"

Dremir nodded "it will be done"

Loki then smiled as he watched Dremir head back to the village "soon Thor I will get that which I have always wanted, the throne of Asgard which you and father have always kept from me, your fall will be my rise"

Dremir then worked his way into the backround of the crowd waiting for the moment when Thor would tire of the days work and take a much needed rest. It took several hours however after much toil and work Thor did indeed decide to take a rest "We will start again at daybreak Sif, tomorrow looks to be fruitful" Thor said opening the door to a hut which had been provided for Thor and Sif for their stay in Svartalhiem.

Dremir then first visited his own hut to check on his son, he found him fast asleep and he smiled at him "what I do this night, I do for you little one" he whispered as he stepped out of the hut.

Dremir then walked silently into Thor's hut, he and Sif had already fell into slumber and Dremir now had his chance, he slipped up quietly to where Thor lay, he then lifted up the knife however before he was able to thrust it down upon Thor he then started to think about what this would mean, he would have taken a life and that was something very serious. Dremir stopped and thought about it for several minutes, he then slipped out of the tent and back out of the village.

Once Dremir was away from the village Loki then came from out of the shadows "why am I not hearing the screams of agony from Thor's hut?" the trickster said.

"I can not do this dreadful thing, no matter how much I may despise the idea of outsiders helping us through this trial, I just can not bring myself to take a life" Dremir said to Loki.

"I was being generous with thee and I was hoping it wouldn't come to this however you have forced my hand, if thou wilt not serve me willingly then I will have to take the life of thy son" Loki said to Dremir.

Dremir then glared at Loki "I will not allow thee to do that, my son is all I have left"

Loki then threw a blast of magical energy at Dremir, knocking him back several feet "Dost thou really think you can defeat the great Loki Laufeyson? thou art a fool and I will kill your son if thou wilt not do as I have said".

Dremir had most of the energy taken away from him in that blast, he knew there was nothing he could do to withstand the power of Loki. "I will do as thou sayest" Dremir said.

"Good now get over there and do the deed for which I entrusted to you and if thou should fail me I will kill thy son anyways" Loki said to him with a twisted grin.

Dremir defeated made his way back over to the village however this time he was greeted by an awakened Thor. "I know what thou hast done this night, I watched as thou slipped out of my hut and had seen thy dealings with Loki".

Dremir then looked to Thor with tears in his eyes "then thou knowest why I must do this thing" he said. Thor then smiled at Dremir "do not fret, I will protect thee and thy child".

Thor then called out into the darkness "Loki I know what thou hast done, come down into the village where we can see you, I would challenge thee for the lives of these people".

Loki then appeared from out of the shadows of the distant forest and walked into the village where the villagers had begun to assemble hearing Thor's declaration to Loki.

"No matter what thou sayest thunder god you can not prove my hand in this" Loki said to Thor with a smile.

"Thou speakest true however I will give thee an incentive to fight me" Thor said.

"And what would that be brother?" Loki said back to him.

"If I win our battle you are to leave this village and trouble these good people no more, however if you are to win I will submit myself to your judgement, whatever thou would do to me I will not put up a struggle, that is the solemn oath in the name of Odin that I give to you" Thor said.

Loki then smiled "I will accept your terms thunder god however I have conditions of my own, I know that I am verily no match for thy hammer so to keep this fight on even ground I say that we do our fighting with swords of equal measure".

Thor then nodded "I agree to your terms brother, the battle will be fair"

Sif then ran over to Thor "tis a trick, the evil one only wants to separate thee from thy hammer for he knows he is no match for you"

Thor then looked to Sif "thou may be right however I have given my solemn oath and that is what separates honest men from dishonest ones".

Sif then nodded, she feared for Thor however she would not ask a warrior born to break an oath which he had made for she knew also as an asgardian that to break an oath meant one did not have honor and she knew that Thor unlike his brother had honor.

Loki then produced two swords from out of his cloak "remember brother I will hold you to the bargain we have placed this night, I win and you are mine".

Thor and Loki then took their weapons and began the battle and right away Loki took a swing at Thor.
Thor fortunately was able to dodge the attack and took a swing at Loki as well which Loki in turn blocked with his sword.

Thor then lunged forward and swung at Loki's torso, Loki again blocked this maneuver and took a swing at the thunder gods feet which Thor jumped over.

"I will not be so easily bested brother" said Loki to Thor "thou forgets that while you, Sif and Balder tarried on adventures together that I studied all the black arts and many ways of fighting".

Thor looked to Loki "it takes more than knowledge to win battles, one must also have honor and the spirit to keep moving forward" He said as he took another swing at Loki.

Loki once again moved to block the attack, unfortunately for Thor this time when the two swords connected Thor's was rendered in two, Thor fell to the ground from the force and soon Loki's blade was at his neck "a deal is a deal, if I win then I do with you as I please and this day I declare that thy life is forfeit".

Dremir then came out of the crowd from behind Loki and threw a sword towards Thor "Take it thunder god, twas my clans sword and it will aid thee"
Loki then sneered at Dremir and gut him from behind with his own sword.

"Noooooooo" Yelled Thor as he took up the sword that had been thrown to him.

"Tis time to end this Loki" said Thor.

"I agree brother" said Loki taking a lunge at Thor.

Thor dodged Loki's attack and then stabbed him in the left arm, Loki then fell to his knees. "do it brother, take my life" said Loki.
"Nay brother" said Thor throwing away his sword and walking away "the cycle of death and hate ends here"

Thor then looked to the villagers "my friends let us make this a new day and era for us all, let us all help each other and help shoulder our burdens"

Loki then while Thor had his backed turned grabbed his sword with his good arm and went to stab Thor in the back, Sif tried to warn him however she knew she would be too late however at that very moment Dremir still barely clinging onto life hurled a knife at Loki which buried itself into Loki's other shoulder, Loki then fell at Thor's feet just as Dremir took his last breaths.

Thor then looked to Loki "Thou was wrong, it was not generous of thee to offer thy aid in killing me, generosity is giving without thought of reward brother, you lusted for the throne of asgard whilst Dremir only thought of the safety of his people, he truly was the one who knew the meaning of generosity"

A short time later Thor and Sif were preparing to leave, they had bound Loki so they could take him with them, Thor then walked over to the village elder "what is to become of the young one?" Thor asked.

"The village has banded together to care for him, thou need not worry, he will be alright" the elder said to Thor.
Kendal then walked up to Thor "I have seen thy future, thou wilt truly be the savior of the nine realms, thou wilt live up to the virtues of thy father"


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The Mighty Thor #2 Empty Re: The Mighty Thor #2

Post  Erik Dee Fullmer on Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:11 am

Man this is really cool Jared. You really know how to draw the reader into the story. I like what you're doing with this. I don't normally read Thor comics. Here and there. But this is getting me into it more and I think I may start reading Thor on a regular basis. Killer stuff. And great to have you here on Marvel:Redux!
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The Mighty Thor #2 Empty Thank you

Post  Mechajared on Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:21 am

The way I like to write is focus on the character interaction, To me that's the most important thing. I try to give the reader at least enough detail that they are aware of their surroundings however I want the reader to say "yeah this is a character I can relate to because he seems to struggle with decisions the same as anyone".

Also coming from a big family I understand the family dynamics that are in Thor, Thor no matter how evil his brother is can never bring himself to kill Loki because they are brothers. It's a problem I know I would have as I love my family however there are sometimes I see them make very bad decisions and I know I can't just sit back and let them do it.


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