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Post  Eric Nyman on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:17 am

There was nothing on Peter Parker's body that didnt hurt. Even the strands of hair on the back of his neck screamed in agony. With aching muscles Peter reached out and took the ice pack that Mary Jane brought him from the kitchen of Harry's office.

"Tiger did you have to block so many punches with your face", MJ said sarcastically.

Peter tried to smile but the bruise on his cheek and the swelling on his lip made that impossible. Despite her outward demeanor Peter could tell by looking at Mary Jane's face the concern and worry she had for him and the love. Peter always hated putting her in the position of having to see him injured after a fight and wanted to say something comforting. However that was going to have to wait, there were still too many questions about what had happened.

The fight with Venom who had bonded with Norman Osborn was even more brutal then usually and had Peter wondering two things. How did Norman Osborn accquire the Venom symbiote and more importantly when MJ hit him with the sonic blaster. Why did the two of them dissolve and dissappear.

Issue 6#
"Brand New Day Conclusion"
"Something Old, Something New"
Written by - Eric J Nyman

"He always does it, why can't he just stay out of my life", growled Harry osborn as he burst into his office.

After the fight with what appeared to be Venom and his father, Harry managed to sneak Peter and MJ back up into his office, using his private elevator and had Peter change into some his clothes and hide his destroyed Spiderman costume. While Harry talked to the Police and managed to keep them from examining his facility too hard.

Harry was beyond angry as he dropped down on the sofa next to Peter. However his anger quickly faded and was replaced by concern and emotion for his battered best friend. Bowing his head and shaking it appologetically, Harry then reached out and put a comforting hand on Peter's shoulder. Although Peter could tell that Harry was probably more upset by what happened then he was. It took a moment for Harry to find the right words. When he did he began to speak.

"Peter.....Mary jane i am so sorry about what happened", Harry said.

"It's ok", Peter and MJ replied in unison but Harry cut them off.

"Please let me finnish", Harry interjected.

"I had no idea this was going to happen, I just wanted to see my two best friends", Harry said.

"I wanted to have Peter by my side as I try to make the Osborn name mean something again", Harry continued.

"However it seems like every time I try to do something good, my father ruins it for me", Harry concluded.

"So what are you going to do", Peter said finally managing a slight smile as he looked at his friend.

"For once in my life, I am going to do what my best friend has always done......I am going to keep fighting", Harry said with a smile.

"My father will not win, I am my own man", Harry added.

Mary Jane was happy to hear Harry say that but there was one nagging question on her mind, and she could tell by the look on Peter's face that he had it too. She was not sure if Peter was going to ask it or if it was even a good time to ask it. However it was a question that needed to be asked and MJ decided to go for it.

"Harry when Peter was fighting with Venom, and we ran into one of your labs.......how did you know to grab a Sonic Disruptor", asked Mary Jane.

Harry looked at MJ and then at Peter. He knew it was a fair question and it deserved a fair answer. Or to be more specific the truth.

"Since i have been gone, I have done a lot of studying on super human criminals", answered Harry.

"After years of being a pawn in my father's world i decided the first step to taking my life back, was knowledge....lots and lots of knowledge", Harry added.

"When I came back and decided to offer Peter a job, I especially concentratated on Spiderman's enemies", Harry said.

Mary Jane looked at Peter and could tell by the look on Peter's face that his Spider Sense was not tingling. So that meant Harry was telling the truth. Peter saw Mary jane's look and returned it with one that said "I believe him".

"Wow I guess you have changed", Peter said.

"So Peter not to seem like I want to get back to business.....but well I want to get back to business", Harry said with a sly smile.

"Are you going to take my job offer or what", Harry said.

Peter and MJ could both tell that Harry had changed, but were not sure if this was something that Peter should do on a personal level. However they both knew that in terms of Norman Osborn that this was far from over.

"Well I am teaching at our old High School and I kind of enjoy it", Peter began.

"I will let you work around it", Harry snapped.

"Ok I am in then", Peter said.

"Awesome", exclaimed Harry as he slapped Peter on the back in celebration.

"Ok body bruised and battered from saving your life....really hurts now", Peter said wincing in pain.

"Sorry but damn I am so glad to have you guys back in my life", Harry said as he hugged Mary jane.

'Since you asked me a question MJ, now I get to ask you one", Harry said with a sly smirk.

"What's that", replied MJ.

"How did you learn to shoot like you did with the Sonic Disruptor", asked Harry.

"Well i am married to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, So I guess a girl has to be prepared", Mary jane said with a smile.


Mac Gargan did not know where he was, he just knew it was black damp and cold. He could feel the sheen of icy cold sweat that seemed to continously flow over his body. Gargan's body ached and yearned for what was missing from him. For Mac it had become his whole life, it was his passion it was his addiction.

It was his "Other" the Venom symbiote.

The last thing Mac remembered was he was trailing a photographer named Parker for an annonymous client who had hired him. Gargan was told that Parker would lead him to Spiderman and that he as Venom was to then kill them both. Gargan found Parker but then he remembered a sharp pain and he woke here. Wherever here was, and his Other was gone.

Without it Mac Gargan felt like a piece of his soul had been torn out of his body and he yearned for it to come back. Sadness and torment continued to grow with each passing moment as he realized that this may never happen. At this moment the sweet release of death would be a blessing.

However Mac had a feeling that would not come either.

Mac heard a sliding door open and a bright stabbing light suddenly flashed upon him. Gargan heard voices but was to weak to respond to them. All he could do was listen and hope they would help him get his other back.

"So do we still need him"

"Actually yes we do, the baseline matrix of the Venom clones is still unstable....I will need to use him to continue testing out different variations".

"Until i get it right".

"Still the test run was exceptional"

"You are worth every penny, I am paying you Doctor Warren".

"Thank you....Norman".

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I was very impressed, you wrapped it up nicely while at the same time setting us up for future things to come. Bravo.


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