Marvel Team-Up #4 featuring 3-D Man, Ghost Rider, Shriker, and NYX

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Marvel Team-Up #4 featuring 3-D Man, Ghost Rider, Shriker, and NYX Empty Marvel Team-Up #4 featuring 3-D Man, Ghost Rider, Shriker, and NYX

Post  Nik Havert on Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:13 pm

Tatiana Caban knew it was a bad situation. She and her friends, Kiden Nixon, Bobby Soul, and Lil Bro, had been kidnapped to an empty building on the riverfront by cultists. 3-D Man, the Ghost Rider, and Shriker had arrived to rescue them, but the Ghost Rider had been blasted out of a high window by the leader of the cultists - the Grand Vizier - and Bobby Soul had been possessed by the spirit of an evil sorcerer named Abd-el-Hazred.

And now 3-D Man had thrown her out the window.

"Get the Rider!" He yelled as he grabbed her by the arms and bat-wings she'd grown after coming into contact with the blood of a bat conjured up by the Grand Vizier. He threw her out the broken window as Abd-el-Hazred gestured and the room shook. She hadn't figured out how to fly yet and was now plummeting toward the street.


Inside the warehouse, wires ripped free from the drywall and lashed around 3-D Man.

"Shriker! Get the kids out of here!" He yelled.

Shriker stepped in front of Lil Bro and Kiden. He swung his nunchaku in a backward circle next to him and charged forward.

Abd-el-Hazred laughed. It was a deep chuckle that reminded Kiden of of a garbage truck crushing boxes. He drew an "S" in the air with his index finger and Shriker's nunchaku turned into a double-headed snake that started to lash around his arm. Shriker jerked back in surprise, but he was smart enough to throw the snake at the cultists. It smacked into the face of one of the men and proceeded to bite both sides of his neck.

Kiden shifted her perception. She had the ability to slow down or speed up time as she needed. Some might perceive her as moving at superhuman speed, most couldn't see her at all. She grabbed Lil Bro and carried him to the stairwell door.and down two flights before putting him in a freight elevator and pressing the button for the ground floor.

When she returned to the fight, she saw 3-D Man had begun to snap the wires as easily as she would've snapped dental floss. Shriker was reaching into a belt pouch for throwing stars, and one of the cultists was bringing up his shotgun. She walked over to the cultist and pressed the safety on the shotgun. The Vizier held the Necronomicon, the magic book that was the key to his power. She took it from his hands. It felt slimy and cold and she moved to the broken window so she could throw it far away.

"Don't bother."

It was a smooth voice that chilled her to the core.

She turned around to see Abd-el-Hazred, in the naked form of her friend Bobby Soul, stepping down off the table where Bobby had laid before he'd been possessed. No one had ever seen, much less talked with her, while she was in slow-time like this before. Abd-el-Hazred smiled at her. The smile was creepier than his voice.

"I can call the Necronomicon back to me whenever I wish," he said. "You can throw it out the window, but it will fly right back to me."

"How can you see me?" Kiden asked.

Abd-el-Hazred smiled, somehow even bigger than before. "Magic. Whereas you have this ability naturally. You are quite special, girl. It took me many years to learn a spell that would let me shift my perception of time to this degree. You and I could do great things together." He stretched out his hand. "Take my hand and I will let your friends go free."

"But not Bobby," Kiden said and then sped up time around her as she threw the Necronomicon out the window.

Abd-el-Hazred sighed as he backhanded Kiden across the room. He reached out for the book, and it flew back to him and into his chest. The book, now wrapped in heavy chain, knocked him to the floor. Abd-el-Hazred looked up to see a half-bat, half-human girl flying through the window with her legs wrapped around the chest of the skull-faced spirit of vegeance - the Ghost Rider.


The cultist couldn't figure out why the shotgun didn't work. Shriker threw two stars, piercing the gun hands of two other cultists before they could fire their handguns or notice the magazines were gone. The snake-bitten cultist was thrashing on the floor and foaming at the mouth. Shriker saw a red and green blur as 3-D Man rushed past him and tackled the Vizier, who was busy staring at his empty hands.

Shriker stripped the shotgun from the cultist in front of him. He spun it like a staff and cracked the man across the face with the barrel. He cracked the two others closest to him with the butt of the gun. The one left standing got off a shot, which went well left of Shriker and into the wall. The cultist tried to fire again, but was stunned to see the slide of his gun locked back and his gun empty. Shriker kicked him in the face just as he looked up from his gun.

3-D Man slammed the Vizier into the floor, cracking the floorboards and breaking the man's shoulder. The Vizier's pained howl was cut short by 3-D Man's boot across his jaw.

The Ghost Rider yanked the chain in his hand to pull the Necronomicon away from Abd-el-Hazred. Tatiana flew toward the sorcerer with clawed hands forward. Abd-el-Hazred pointed at a corner shadow and then at Tatiana. The shadow flew from the corner and wrapped around Tatiana's head like a squid. Blinded, she flew past the sorcerer and crashed into a wall.

The Ghost Rider's hands burst into flames as he crushed the Necronomicon. The book went up in a stench of sulphur smoke.

"The book is gone, Abd-el-Hazred," Ghost Rider said. "And your power with it."

Abd-el-Hazred laughed. "Do you really think that was the only copy? My power is far beyond a mere book! I am - "

He shut up when 3-D Man slugged him across the back of the head. He pitched forward and into the merciless clutch of the Ghost Rider. The Rider pulled him up and looked deep into his eyes.

"Look!" The Ghost Rider said. "See what you have done!"

Abd-el-Hazred, who had no regrets about his sins and crimes whatsoever, laughed at him. Then, he saw a young boy stealing money from a church collection box. It was the boy whose body he possessed. He saw the boy trading white powder for money, threatening an old couple with a weapon, breaking into a building, beating another boy with a club, and more sins in such a short life. Inside of him, the boy screamed in his mind. The scream grew louder until it erupted from Adb-el-Hazred's mouth. His mind was on fire. He started to see even more things from ancient times. He saw the first girl he sacrificed to the Elder Gods, and tried to shut his eyes before he saw more.

He took the easy way out. He shrieked in agony as his spirit fled from the boy, and then in fear when he realized he was drawn into the clutch of the spirit of vegeance.

3-D Man and Shriker weren't sure what to make of what was happening. The boy, sorcercer, or whatever he was, screamed and shook like someone was cutting him open from the inside. A sick, yellow light poured from his eyes and mouth and the Ghost Rider grabbed it in his hand like it was a jellyfish, and then he ate it.


"So, you ate that guy's soul?" Shriker asked Ghost Rider as the SHIELD agents called by 3-D Man took the cultists and Vizier into custody and onto the helicopter that had landed on the roof of the building. The snake-bitten one was leaving in a body bag.

"Only by your perception," Ghost Rider said. "I returned his soul to Hell."

3-D Man walked over to Kiden, Tatiana, Bobby, and Lil Bro. The four teenagers were eating protein bars the SHIELD agents had given them. Bobby had been given a pair of BDU pants and a blanket. Tatiand had returned to her normal self.

"How are all of you?" 3-D Man asked.

"I feel like I wanna throw up," Bobby said, "But I know I don't have to. Heck, I'm keepin' this candy bar down."

"What happens now?" Tatiana asked.

"There are people from SHIELD who will want statements from all of you," 3-D Man said. "After that, I don't know. I know there's a special school for kids like you not far from here."

"I'm not one for school," Kiden said.

"Me neither," Bobby said.

"How about a job?"

A SHIELD agent in a nice suit and pitch black sunglasses approached them. "I'm Agent Patrick. We could use all of you in SHIELD. So, if you're not up for school, how about jobs?"

The teens looked at each other. They were confused and surprised.

"No one's ever offered me a job before," Bobby said. "But my brother comes with me."

"Of course," Agent Patrick said.

"It's better than the job I have now," Tatiana said. "Which is none."

"Can you teach me how to fight?" Kiden asked.

Agent Patrick smiled. "Ms. Nixon, we can teach you how to take out a man with a spoon."

The teens flew off with the SHIELD agents as 3-D Man shook hands with Shriker and Ghost Rider.

"Thanks for the help," 3-D Man said. "Sorry you missed the ball game."

"If you can call SHIELD, I'm guessing you can get us tickets for tomorrow's game," Shriker said.

"We need no reward," Ghost Rider said.

3-D Man laughed. "I have season tickets, and I have appointments tomorrow. You can have mine." He looked at Ghost Rider. "Just don't eat them."


UP NEXT: Ghost Rider and Shriker and Earth Lord!

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Marvel Team-Up #4 featuring 3-D Man, Ghost Rider, Shriker, and NYX Empty Re: Marvel Team-Up #4 featuring 3-D Man, Ghost Rider, Shriker, and NYX

Post  Paul Effin' Schultz on Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:49 pm

Great story, man! Loved the jellyfish reference. I love how you handled Ghost Rider and would love to see more of him from you.

Side note, your protein bar scene reminded me of that God-awful power bar I bought a con years ago with you. Remember the one i said tasted like roofing tar? I can still taste that horrible thing!

Anyway, great story. Your writing is as tight as always.

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