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Post  Mechajared on Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:36 am

"The Fugitive Doctor Strange? part 2"

Doctor Strange had been reciting some incantations, it was very difficult to pierce the veil between worlds and he had to get the spell as precise as possible with very little room for error. For if he got it wrong then him and the Captain would be stuck in the limbo between worlds forever.

Captain America looked to Strange "you know I hate to rush you Stephen however if we don't get that book and clear your name soon, you and I both know that every super hero this side of world is going to be looking to bring you to justice and many of them will not be as understanding as I was".

Strange kept on chanting and then suddenly stopped "do not worry Captain, the incantation has been said and the pathway appears before us" he said as he pointed to a black portal opening up in their midst. "The only question now is are you afraid of the dark Captain?" said Strange with a smirk.

Captain America chuckled at this "good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor in the face of everything Stephen, for if what you tell me is true we are going to need as much levity as we can possibly get".

Captain America and Doctor Strange passed thru the portal seeing a Kaleidoscope of colors as they went. Once they had made it to the other side they suddenly found themselves in a very dark, very macabre type of place.

"I think I know where they filmed all those Vincent price movies" said Strange looking ahead.

Captain America looked to Strange "There is no time like the present, let's get that book and make sure that Nightmare doesn't plague any more innocent people".

Doctor Strange nodded at this "If Nightmare is able to use that book then everyone on earth will be subject to his whims and he will be nearly impossible to stop".

Captain America looked around "what is this place made out of Stephen? it feels almost organic as I step on it".

Doctor Strange looked to Captain America "you are correct in a way, you see this place is made of all things which belong to the shadow realm. Anger,hate,resentment,envy,greed, anything you can think of which makes up our negative emotions festers and becomes part of this realm".

Captain America nodded as they made their way thru the realm towards what looked like a gothic mansion "So in other words this is where all the bad feelings go am I right?".

Doctor Strange nodded "exactly Captain".

"I'm also assuming that Nightmare will have the place guarded and will try and make sure that we do not get in, am I right?" asked Captian America.

"You are once again correct Captain, Nightmare fancies himself a master of realities and therefore will go to any means to make sure that whatever power he acquires is also maintained, we will have to be extra cautious as we go in" said Doctor Strange as they crept closer to the ominous mansion.

Captain America being the man of action that he was opened up the door first, both of them slowly walked inside, the mansion being almost eerily quiet.

"I hate it when you don't know when they are coming, I personally like it best when you know they are going to attack you head on" said Captain America as they both looked around.

"Nightmare unfortunately does not work that way, he likes to try and mess with your head, get you paranoid before you see him coming, fear is what feeds him" said Doctor Strange.

"Like the Red Skull but with mystic powers right?" asked Captain America looking up a winding staircase.

"Once again, correct Captain" said Strange coming up next to Captain America.

"We need to gain the book of the Vishanti so that I can recite the spell which will send him back to his own dimension and he can no longer plague the dreams of innocent people. For if we can not do that then Nightmare will make even your worst traumas come to reality" said Doctor Strange as they went up the staircase and into a very large study with a myriad number of books.

"One thing is for certian Stephen and that is that this guy really loves his reading" said Captain America.

"Nightmare is no idiot Captain, he may be evil but he also knows that knowledge is power and as we both know power in the hands of someone such as him would have the most dire of consequences" said Strange as they both looked around the study for the book of the Vishanti.

Doctor Strange started looking around the book shelf for some kind of passageway, he knew that Nightmare wouldn't just leave such a powerful book like the book of the Vishanti just lying around where anyone could get to it, he would keep it under lock and key most likely guarded by one of his toadies.

Captain America looked behind the bookcase and found a small set of cracks in the wall, he could tell that these were not ordinary wear and tear marks but a means of covering up what was an entrance to a whole other part of the house. "Stephen I think I found what we've been looking for, I can tell someone was trying to cover this up for they had many passages like this when I went thru Berlin" said Captain America.

Strange smiled at Captain America "you see Captain, this is one of the many reasons why it was important you come with me, Spiderman would have never even thought to do something like that".

Captain America smiled back "that would be assuming that Spiderman thinks" he said with a chuckle as they both moved the bookcase out of the way and started to push on the wall behind them.

It took a lot of effort however they were both finally able to get the section of wall to move and it did indeed reveal a hidden passage leading to a whole different section of the mansion. Strange and Captain America looked down the darkened passageway but couldn't see a whole lot.

"Allow me to throw some light on the subject" said Strange as he started reciting a spell which offered them a light in the black.

They found another staircase, this one lead down the house into what seemed to be some kind of laboratory/sanctuary. "Now this is definitely more Nightmare's style, the only thing missing is.....ugh" said Strange as he and the Captain were hit by a bolt that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Strange and Captain America looked up and staring at them was a man with black robes which were very reminiscent of the monks of the middle ages. "Welcome Strange and you as well Captain America, it is truly an honor to be in the presence of such legends however as much as I have respect for the both of you and what you represent I take no pleasure in the fact that I must now destroy you both" said the man as his hands started to glow with a bright red light.

"And who the hell are you?" asked Captain America.

"No one important Captain however if you would like to address me before the two of you have your funeral dirge you may call me Midnight priest" The man said right before launching a series of fiery bolts at them.

Captain America managed to block the bolts with his shield whilst Strange used his cloak of levitation to lift himself into the air and out of harms way.

"You two will make excellent sacrifices for my lord Nightmare, you are both so lively" said Midnight priest as he cackled and threw a few more bolts at them.

"We have got take out this maniac as quickly as possible" said Captain America "or else we've had it".

"I have a plan Captain, though I regret to tell you it puts you as a target whilst I use my power to incapacitate this Midnight priest" said Strange as they both ran to avoid the bolts being fired at them.

"You want a distraction Stephen well then you got one" said Captain America as he flung his shield at Midnight priest which struck him unaware and hurled him back a bit.

"You know no matter what era you come from the word for people like you still remains the same, and you sir are insane" said Captain America as he caught his shield and made ready to launch it again.

"So full of pride Captain, so willing to accept that what you stand for even means something anymore, do you really think that anyone gives a damn about the good old flag these days?" said Midnight priest with a cackle.

Midnight priest then shot a huge crimson bolt at Captain America which the Captain blocked with his shield but it still sent him flying back several feet. While this was going on Strange was speaking an incantation, the plan had worked well thus far and Strange was going to make sure that he did the Coupe De Grace.

Strange finally finished and sent out a wave of white colored energy which at first blinded Midnight priest however that wasn't the end it also managed to encircle him and drain him of his energy soon leaving only a dried up husk behind.

"If anything is true Stephen it's that you always seem to come through when it's crunch time" said Captain America.

Strange smiled at this, he then went to a small desk which had the book of the vishanti upon it.

"Now that we have reclaimed the book it should be a lot easier to seal away Nightmare, let's just hope that he hasn't had the time to recruit some more people to his cause" said Doctor Strange ominously.



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Doctor Strange #6 Empty Re Doctor Strange 6

Post  Eric Nyman on Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:25 pm

Jared your writing is improving by leaps and bounds. I love the dialogue between the Doc and Cap and I got to admit, as a lifelong Marvel fan i never have seen this particular team up before

Eric Nyman

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Doctor Strange #6 Empty Re: Doctor Strange #6

Post  Mechajared on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:07 am

My point exactly Eric. I have read many great Cap stories and many great Strange stories however they never seemed to get the two together and I always said to myself that if those two were to team up we'd have a awesome team there.


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