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Post  Mechajared on Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:20 am

"The Fugitive Doctor Strange? part 3"

Doctor Strange and Captain America had made their way back to the physical world however all was still awry. The authorities were still trying to get Strange and put him away. Captain America and Strange kept to the shadows and the alleyways to try and avoid detection.

"It will be extremely difficult to get to Nightmare, he's made it very hard for me to show my face around here and to top it off I'm sure he's had time to enslave the minds of several people, we must be cautious Captain" said Strange as they quietly peeked around an alley corner.

"Where do you think Nightmare would most likely go Stephen?" asked Captain America.

"Knowing him he'd most likely go somewhere he could gloat, my every instinct tells me that he's at the Sanctum Sanctorum hoping that his minion from the nightmare world has taken care of us" said Strange looking around to see if the coast was clear.

"However he did not count on our aquiring the Book of the Vishanti and that will be our advantage, for with this you and I will be able to seal his power" said Strange as they crept toward the location of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

"I still do take it that Nightmare will not be easy to take down?" asked Captain America.

"Exactly" said Strange "as I have said before we must be cautious for Nightmare is known to have contingency plans".

"At this point Stephen nothing surprises me anymore" Captain America said with a chuckle.

"This is another reason I am glad you came with me Captain, your optimism is second to none, now come we haven't a moment to lose" said Strange as they finally made their way to the back of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Strange looked around to see if there were sentry's posted by Nightmare while at the same time avoiding being seen by the local police "I will cast an invisibility spell to conceal our efforts" said Strange.

Captain America took a peak over the front stairwell and could see that the door was indeed guarded by mystic suits of armor obviously powered by the magic of Nightmare.

Captain America looked at Strange in amazement "How is it that the people can not see these things?" he asked Strange.

Strange looked to Captain America "because Nightmare does not yet want them to, these things will not be revealed to the masses until Nightmare feels he has gained the upper hand".

"We will be safe since I have cast the invisibility spell, for should we engage them in battle we will not be seen by the eyes of the masses which will be to our advantage" said Strange approaching the entrance.

As both Strange and Captain America approached the entrance the suits of armor then drew their axes and prepared to fight "Looks like the only way out of here is to fight" said Captain America as both him and Strange made ready.

The suits of armor moved forward and as they came closer Strange and Captain America could see that they were indeed moved by magic as there were no occupants inside that they could behold.

The one on the left took a swing at Doctor Strange whilst the one on the right swung down at Captain America. Captain America jumped away from the swing and then threw his shield at the armor.

The armor then fell back and quickly got back to it's feet, Strange having avoided danger himself looked to Captain America "listen Captain, conventional means will not work on them, I need you to keep them busy while I cast a spell to rid them of life".

Captain America nodded "well make it quick Stephen cause I can not exactly say that taking down mystical suits of armor is my forte".

Captain America once again hurled his shield at the oncoming armors knocking them down to the ground, however it barely phased them as they quickly got up to their feet. "Whatever you are going to do Stephen you'd better do it now" said Captain America once again readying his shield.

Doctor Strange was chanting an incantation "by the power of the Vishanti by the Hoary hosts of Hoggath, I command that what was once living now be stricken down before us".

With that a white light started to glow and just as the suits of armor were about to come down on Captain America and Strange they just as suddenly fell to the ground and were as lifeless as the stones on the ground.

"Quickly now Captain we have to make it up to Nightmare before he starts making slaves out of the people of this city, for to fight them would be far worse then these hollow suits of armor" said Strange as he opened the door.

They worked their way into Strange's main chambers where they found Nightmare trying to use some artifacts to project his magic onto the masses. "Ah Strange it's so good to see you and I didn't expect to see the great Captain America hanging out with felons, this is a new low for you Captain" said Nightmare with a chuckle.

Doctor Strange looked to Nightmare "you have gone too far this time, you have not only tried to damage my reputation but you also used it as a means to try and enslave mankind, it's time you were sealed away permenantly Nightmare".

Nightmare then laughed at them both "I managed to defeat you once Strange, I can surely do so again and not even your friend the great Captain America can aid you".

Captain America then smiled "Great theory Nightmare, let's see if it works in practice" he said as he hurled his shield straight for Nightmare.

Nightmare then dodged the shield by moving so quickly that it seemed as if he was stretching out across the room. "I'm dissapointed in you Captain for a man of your reputation I really had expected quite a different performance out of you" said Nightmare with a cackle.

Doctor Strange then looked to Nightmare "Remember that he is not alone, I also bar your way and I will make certain that you do not harm another innocent".

Strange then threw a cosmic bolt from his fingers and in the direction of Nightmare. Nightmare only by a hairs width was able to dodge the attack "I have so missed your witty banter Strange, out of all my foe's you truly make the fight interesting".

Captain America then jumped at Nightmare using his shield as a buffer to hit Nightmare which sent Nightmare flying to the other end of the room. "Remember never to underestimate your enemy" said Captain America.

Nightmare then laughed hysterically "You can not hope to defeat me, all my plans have been set in motion and there is nothing the two of you can do but watch as the people of this realm become my helpless slaves".

Doctor Strange then smiled at Nightmare "did your plan happen to include the Book of the Vishanti?".

Nightmare then took note of Strange's glib tone and fear then took his face for he then saw the Book of the Vishanti on Strange's person.

Strange then smiled again "That is correct Nightmare, I put a spanner in the works as it were, your time has come evil one".

Nightmare then glared at both Doctor Strange and Captain America "not if I destroy the both of you first, then the power will be mine".

Captain America then jumped at Nightmare once again and hit him square in the face "not if we put out our offensive first, do it Stephen".

Strange then opened the book and started speaking an incantation to seal away Nightmare "By the flames of the Faltine, by the mists of eternal night, let this apparition be bound and have no will to stay and fight".

Nightmare was about to leap at Strange when suddenly a bright emerald light surrounded them and created a giant bubble around Nightmare. "This is not the end Stange, somehow and someway I will be released, I will not rest until I stand on your grave and laugh" said Nightmare.

Strange then looked to Nightmare "That day will be a hard prospect for you as I will always be vigilant in my defense of the innocent". And with that Nightmare disapeared in a cloud of green smoke and both Captain America and Stephen Strange stood alone.

Captain America then looked to Strange "I'm sorry that I could have even doubted you for a minute, I will go to S.H.I.E.L.D. and have them clear your record, you will no longer be a hunted man".

Doctor Strange then smiled at Captain America "one thing I do know Captain is that I chose well when I asked you to accompany me, you are always prepared for the unexpected, if you have need of me call me" he said as he handed Captain America a crystal.

"What's this?" asked Captain America staring at it puzzlingly.

Strange looked to Captain America "it has a spell on it, all you have to do is but call my name and I will aid you no matter where you are".

Captain America then smiled at Doctor Strange and shook his hand "The same goes for you Stephen, but in my case if you need me call me on the phone" he said with a chuckle.


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Doctor Strange #7 Empty Re Doctor Strange 7

Post  Eric Nyman on Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:27 pm

Great wrap up......hurry up with the next arc Very Happy

Eric Nyman

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Post  Mechajared on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:10 am

I will do my best, I'm hoping to start the next arc soon however I must let you know that I am working on some original material so it will be difficult to get the story out really soon.

However have some piece of mind in knowing that the next arc is being formulated as we speak.


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