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"Stranger in a strange land"

written by Jared Gifford
co-written by Mori Kessler

On this particular day it had started in a most unusual way, upon awaking Strange was confronted by the face of Doctor Donald Blake. The look on his face suggested that it was something of dire import for Strange knew he would not have come otherwise.

Strange looked to Doctor Blake as he sat at the other end of his room "what is it that brings you to my home my good friend?".

Doctor Blake then looked to Strange "it's a patient I have recieved, he came to me the other day and he seems to be having nightmares, normally I would have handled this situation myself however strange things seem to happen whenever he goes to sleep. I wanted your help with this as I believe the powers that are causing this to be of the ethereal nature".

Strange put on his sorcerer's garb and then looked to Doctor Blake "That does seem as if it's caused by an ancient magic, we will have to find out who did this to him and why was his memory taken away in the first place?"

Strange and Blake left the Sanctum Sanctorum and traveled to Blake's office. Strange was indeed very curious as to this new patient of Blake's because he had not heard of something this unusual in many years.

Strange walked inside and went up a flight of stairs. When they had finally reached the top floor Strange then walked into Doctor Blake's office and upon doing so could see someone sleeping quietly on the couch in the corner. Strange figured this must have been the man that Blake had told him about.

Doctor Blake then went over and gently nudged the man awake "Adair Shadak I would like you to meet a good friend of mine, he specializes in just the kind of thing you are suffering from, this is Doctor Stephen Strange".

Shadak rubbed his eyes and slowly got up to shake Strange's hand "and what exactly do you specialize in Doctor Strange if you don't mind me asking?"

Strange smiled "I don't mind at all, I deal with brain abonormalities, Doctor Blake tells me you've been having unusual dreams".

Strange also noticed what appeared to be an unusual tattoo around Shadak's eye, three triangles to be exact. This also puzzled Strange as he knew these symbols were a distinctive mark, he knew he would have to consult the book of the Vishanti to be sure.

Strange could also see that Shadak's hand was wrapped up "you do not mind if I take a look?"

Shadak shook his head "not at all, Doctor Blake said that you specialized in these kind of things so I will trust him and take his word for it, I only ask that you do not freak out".

Doctor Strange nodded whilst unwrapping Shadak's hand "my god, I have never seen this kind of technology" he said as he noticed a mechanical hand reminiscent of many steampunk novels, it also appeared to have a round green jewel on the back of the hand.

Strange looked to Shadak "you wouldn't happen to know how this happened would you?"

Shadak then shook his head "that's the problem for you see, I have now memory other then from a few days ago, many things I have to show you are as unusual to me as they are to you".

Strange then nodded "I would assume from that answer that you have something else to show me".

Shadak then nodded "yes I do Doctor, I would once again ask that you do not freak out, this one may be more shocking then the hand you've already seen".

Just then Shadak took off his shirt, a well dressed collared shirt and when he did a pair of mechanical wings then came out of his back.

Strange stood in amazement "By the Vishanti, this is definitely other dimensional technology, I think I am somewhat familiar with this though I would like to consult the book of the Vishanti before I continue further".

Strange then looked to Doctor Blake "watch over Shadak whilst I am gone, if what I fear is true then many dark forces will be after him".

Doctor Blake then nodded "don't worry, he will have a norse god looking after him".

Strange then made his way back to his Sanctum Sanctorum to aquire the book of the Vishanti for he knew that many of the things he had seen on Shadak were noted in the book. Strange found that he was indeed right, the markings and mechanical parts he had seen were typical of a race known as the Shya or Dreamwalkers.

The Shya were an ancient race who had existed since time had existed. They had the power to travel across all the different planes of reality and could also affect that reality. They also could enter into one's dreams.

The sky was the limit with these beings, they were what many might consider gods or a sorcerer supreme as Strange was. Only their imagination was their limit, the crystal on Shadak's hand was a limiter of sorts. They all possesed these gems in order to keep in check there vast powers, this did not explain however why Shadak had lost his memory.

Strange then knew that he had to probe Shadak's mind in order to find the answer to this puzzling question.


Elsewhere in the forests of Montana an archeologist named Gregg Hampton was looking through the brush and trees. People had thought him insane because of his insistance that there were ancient temples hidden deep within the United States very similar to the mayan temples in South America.

"I know that they have been hidden here by use of some primitive black magic" said Gregg. "They will see that I have been able to prove that magic has shaped our lives for countless eons".

Gregg made his way through the forest and came to a small hill. Upon reaching it he took out his map that he had aquired by less then stellar means as most refused to deal with him given his reputation as a disgraced scientist.

"I know that it has to be here" Gregg said. "The sun is in the right position and all I need do is put the cross of Rolon in the center of this hill". Gregg then placed the cross in position and waited for just the right moment as the sun lowered and shown thru the hole at the very top of the cross.

The light then shined thru and pointed a beam of light straight towards a small lake which then began bubbling furiously. It was in no time at all that suddenly a large stone pyramid started rising at the very point the cross had been pointing at.

Gregg then smiled at this and laughed "I was correct, I proved all those people wrong who called me insane, I knew my computations were perfect. This is sure to not only win me the Nobel prize but also get me the power and the prestige that I deserve".

Gregg inspected the entry way to the temple and could see that the civilization that had built this temple were indeed from many millennia before even the mayans. "Just imagine the wonders that must await me inside this treasure trove" said Gregg with a smile.

Gregg went to the large stone door and with as much effort as he could muster was able to pry it open enough to just get inside. The inside of the temple was very well constructed, whomever had built this structure knew what materials to use and how long they intended it to last. From the looks of things Gregg could tell that the temple was meant to rise at this moment as it appeared almost completely preserved.

Gregg smiled "all I need do now is find the artifacts which are said to bestow great magical power onto the bearer of them. However this structure veers off into four different paths, I need to find out which one will lead me to the place I seek".

Gregg checked his compass which was supposed to point to the way to any sort of magical power. He had obtained this by seeking out an old mystic in Shanghai who had many mysterious things, it was unfortunate that the old man had to meet with an also mysterious fate by the barrel of the gun Gregg was carrying.

The compass pointed him toward the cave on the right. Gregg then smiled "not long now and the power of ages shall be mine, no longer will I be considered beneath the contempt of others".

Gregg made his way thru the cave and came to a large room where it seemed many old rituals used to be held by the looks of it as there were many fire pits and sacrificial tables. In the very center he knew he had found what he was looking for, it was an glowing green amulet. It was circular in shape and resembled some of the old mayan jewelry.

Gregg then walked over to it and picked it up, just as he did a light started to shine around him and he heard a disembodied voice. "You who have claimed the amulet are now it's bearer and protector, all the knowledge inside will now be bequeathed to you. Take our powers and with it the ancient knowledge".

Just then a beam of light went out of the amulet and into Gregg, his mind being filled with knowledge he had thought not even possible. Once it was over Gregg smiled "I know what I need to do now, I have to find the book of the Vishanti and Kill the man named Shadak".



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