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"Stranger in a strange land part 2"

Written by Jared Gifford
Co-written by Mori Kessler

Strange headed back to the office of Doctor Donald Blake. He knew that if he was to get a better understanding of what he was dealing with then he had to dive into Shadak's mind. It was a very dangerous prospect however Strange knew there was no other way in which to retrieve the information that was required.

Once Strange had made it back he went back to where Blake and Shadak had been waiting for him. Strange then looked to Doctor Blake "how has he been?" he asked.

Doctor Blake then looked to Strange "he has been getting headaches, nothing severe however it seems to happen whenever he tries to remember something, did you find out what you needed to Stephen?".

Strange nodded "the book of the Vishanti told me about his race and where he came from however it couldn't tell me anything about him personally. I will have to probe his mind in order to get the information that I need".

Doctor Blake seemed concerned "I fear for you, you do not know what you may encounter in there, you have not dealt with this before".

Strange nodded at this "I know dear friend however I must not falter now, for if I can not try and help this man then I might as well just stop trying to help anyone at all".

Strange then went over to Shadak "with your permission I am going to dive into your mind, I am hoping that I will be able to help you get some of your memories back this way. However I warn you that there is a danger that this may not work and that you may end up worse then before. So I place the question before you, would you like me to attempt to get you your memories back?"

Shadak nodded at this "listen I really have nothing left to lose at this point, I don't know who I am and if it got worse I'd most likely be back to where I was when I first started anyways. So in other words Doctor Strange you have my permission".

Strange looked to Shadak "alright then, I promise that I will use all of my ability to retrieve the memorys which have been lost to you, are you ready?"

Shadak nodded at this and then Strange started reciting an incantation in order to get inside of Shadak's conscienceness. Strange noticed at first a bit of resistance to him getting inside Shadak's mind, almost as if someone had placed a barrier there that only a skilled sorcerer such as only himself could get in.

Strange didn't like to use it often as it tended to be somewhat dangerous however he knew that he had to use the eye of the Vishanti. The eye necklace then opened up and shot a beam of light into Shadak's head which instantly helped Strange to get into Shadak's conscienceness.

Once inside Strange found that Shadak's conscienceness was extremely vast, almost a world unto itself. What he saw inside was a lush green world filled with technologies that would make many a steampunk fan extremely envious. Airships, advanced weaponry and even steam powered factories. Doctor Strange knew that he was in a most unusual land.

Strange floating in mid air flew down to the ground and took another look around. Strange thought to himself that this must be the world in which Shadak came from. Now he only needed to learn why it was that Shadak was made to forget about this place. Strange knew that the answers were here.

Strange took a moment to look at all of his surroundings, this land seemed like a lush green land and looked very prosperous. However Strange did sense that there was more to this land then it's mere appearance. Something seemed to lurk underneath it all.

As Strange was taking all of this in he was met by a mysterious figure. This man looked to wearing what looked like a white military uniform. His demeanor was matched by his jet black hair, he seemed very dark and brooding.

Doctor Strange examined the man wondering what kind of person he was dealing with here when suddenly the man spoke.

"What are you doing here? this place has been sealed off for a reason, only someone with vast power could breach the defenses that have been placed in this mind" said the man.

Doctor Strange looked to him "my name is Stephen Strange, I am the sorcerer supreme of my realm and this man came to me for help, many bad things have been happening to him lately and I came here to seek out some answers".

The man then looked back to Strange "I am Ether Blake and I am tasked with making sure that this mind is not tampered with. Whatever problems befall your world are not of my concern so be gone with you or I shall have to throw you out".


Gregg was ecstatic, he had obtained a power that many dream of but few actually manage to get. He had used his power to give himself flight, he was now traveling at incredible speeds to try and obtain the book of the Vishanti which would increase his power even more.

This would show them all, all those people who mocked him and said that he was insane. He would show them his superiority and then laugh as they desperately tried to beg for their puny little lives. Mankind were all selfish and inevitably stupid.

Gregg flew with great speed towards New York city where dwelled the book of the Vishanti in Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Gregg knew that the book would most likely have defenses place on it however he was prepared for them since he was granted the power of ancient gods.

Gregg used the mystic power within him to pinpoint the exact location of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Once he happened upon it's location he landed down on the street and came to the door amidst a crowd on onlooking awestruck people.

Gregg smiled at them all "don't worry everyone, I'm only here to liberate you from your own minds. Soon all of you sheep will have a shepard to look after them".

One of the male crowd members looked to Gregg "who do you think you are barging in here and calling us stupid?"

Gregg smiled back at the man "who am I? I am going to be the one to claim the title of god. If you all wish to live and be prosperous under my rule I would suggest you watch what you say at this juncture".

The man from the crowd looked at Gregg "you're insane buddy, I'm going to call the cops".

However before the man could even move to do anything he was stopped in his tracks and surrounded by a green light. Just then Gregg spoke to the man "I warned you about impertinence and now you shall pay the price". Gregg then clasped his hands together and the man he was holding in his spell then folded in two while a gasping crowd looked on.

Gregg then smiled "and now if you will excuse me I have a book that I have to get my hands on. Do be good worshippers and not stand in my way".

Just then Gregg opened the doors of the Sanctum Sanctorum with just a slight gesture of his hand and as he flew in the onlookers knew that trouble had come to the city and they only hoped that help would arrive in time to stop this madman.



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