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Tales of Asgard #1 Empty Tales of Asgard #1

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"The ghosts of honor part 1"

Hogun stood out of his home looking at the vast landscape that was Asgard. "It's interesting how one can forget that this land is often plagued with things most foul" he thought to himself as he continued to gaze outward.

"However this land is always being attacked by many horrid creatures and people who feel they should be leaders, it's a wonder that it stays as miraculous as it does" Hogun thought.

Hogun then made his way into the city streets to watch as the people went on with their daily lives. This was something that truly fascinated Hogun since he had come to Asgard, ever since his own village was destroyed he had made it a point to protect his new home.

"Feeling nostalgic Hogun?" came the voice of Fandral from just over the hill.

"Just remembering what it is we are protecting" said Hogun back.

Fandral smiled "Thou always has a talent for turning an otherwise grand day into a picture of bleakness, cheer up grim Hogun as I have thought of a grand lark for us to embark on this day".

Hogun then looked to Fandral "Thou always has something for us to embark on, however it seems I have been too much away from the open road, what dost thou have planned Fandral?"

"Whatever it is thou was not planning on leaving Volstagg the magnificant behind I would wager?" came the booming voice of Volstagg from behind the both of them.

"Of course not" said Fandral "our enemies wouldst not have a finer sized target to distract them whilst Hogun and I dispatch them".

Volstagg then laughed "Pah, I wouldst dare any enemy to try their hand against the might of Volstagg, with my presence thou already has the booming strength of a hundred warriors".

Fandral then laughed at this "Or at the least the booming feet of a hundred warriors".

Hogun then looked to the both of them "One thing has been bothering me as of late however, for you see my mind has been ever present on the plight that befell my village. I cannot but help think that a similar fate may befall great Asgard".

Volstagg then laughed "great Asgard fall? tis but a dream grimm Hogun, I am most sure of the fact that hollowed Asgard will always stand as a beacon of hope to others. Forget this lament of yours and join Fandral and I in some great tales of valor and even make some more adventures of which to tell".

Hogun looked to them both "I still wish to find out why my mind has been plagued by this fact, I cannot rest until I can see for myself that Asgard in not in any danger".

Fandral then smiled at Hogun "if this thing wouldst set thy mind at ease then thou knowest thou will have your great companions by thy side".

"Thou speakest true" came the enormous voice of Volstagg "for there is not an enemy that could stand against the might of the warriors three".

Just then one of the villagers came running towards them "Sven has disappeared, by the beard of Odin my dear husband hath been taken from me".

Hogun then went over to the woman "please calm thyself and tell us of the disappearance of thy husband, didst thou see how this deed was done?"

The woman nodded "my husband had gone out into the woods to get us some meat and upon entering them promptly disappeared, I fear it's the curse of those ancient woods".

Fandral then looked to the woman "what curse dost thou speak of?"

The woman still weeping started to relate the tale "many ages ago there was a group of young warriors whom had made it their duty to protect the realm eternal. They had gone out to meet with an army of dark elves and the fight had gone well for them. However the leader of the dark elves with his dying breath had laid a curse upon the warriors and they were forever doomed to walk the world of the living in spirit form until the end of everything. It is said that they lead people into the forest to consume their fleshly bodies so as to add to the ranks of their soldiers".

Volstagg then shook his head "spectors seem paltry foe's for the Mighty Volstagg, I am sure my lady's husband is merely lost and will return in due time".

Hogun then looked to both Volstagg and Fandral "are we not the Warriors three? we have dedicated ourselves to the protection of this realm and it's people. No matter what the dangers we will face them".

Hogun then went over to the woman "The Warriors Three will find your husband and rid the forest of these spectors if indeed they are the culprits. Either way fair woman you now have the aid of Hogun and his friends".

Fandral then looked to Hogun "thou cannot be serious as to finding spectors? those are merely childrens tales".

Hogun then looked to Fandral and Volstagg "we have fought frost giants,dark elves and even foul creatures from the dread universe itself and thou art telling me that ghosts is where your belief draws the line?"

Volstagg then laughed "no matter what the obstacle thou wilt always be safe with the valorous Volstagg around".

Fandral then looked to Volstagg "I believe the obstacle stands before us".

With that The Warriors Three set off on a journey into the dark forest, Hogun believed that every good deed no matter how small was worth doing. Thor was there to have the grand tales, The Warriors Three were there to hold the line.

Hogun upon arriving in the forest started to scan the area for signs of the missing man. "He went this way" Hogun said pointing to the north "it seems he stopped momentarily to hunt up some game and then something startled him and he ran".

They followed the tracks further into the forest for a good distance and then suddenly the tracks stopped altogether. "It seems as if the man met his fate here however what bothers me is that there was no sign of a struggle. I believe our childrens tale of spectors may have more of a ring of truth then we believed".

Fandral nodded "spector or no you will not find the blade of Fandral lacking this day".

"Blades may be useless my friend" said Hogun "this is something that requires a different method, I fear that we may not have the instruments necessary".

Volstagg then turned a pale white "by the bristling beard of Odin, mine eyes hath decieved me, it's the legions of death".

Hogun and Fandral then turned their heads to see a group of spectral soldiers standing before them, being led by a warrior in black.

"That tresspassers is more based in truth than thou realizes" came the haunting voice of the warrior in black.



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