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"For those about to die part 2"

Doctor Strange and Shadak had come to the residence of Martin Caston only to find that the man had been possessed by a demon. Now they found themselves in tremendous peril as Strange and Shadak tried to fend of the demons powers by erecting a barrier.

However this was only a temporary solution as both Strange and Shadak were starting to see the barrier crack before them.

"I don't know how much longer we can keep this up Doctor" said Shadak as he saw the cracks in the barrier start to get worse.

The demon then laughed at their plight "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at you both, sitting there pondering how much longer the two of you have left. If you would but simply put down that barrier I can promise you a very quick death".

"A quick death was never part of our plans demon" said Strange "I in turn give you a choice, surrender now or I will be forced to use the shades of the seraphim to pull you from that mans helpless body".

The demon then laughed again "HAHAHAHAHAHA you really think you have a leg to stand on Strange? the breaking down of your magicks must have clearly driven you insane".

Strange then looked to the demon "care to test your luck evil one?"

The demon then glared at Strange and Shadak "yes Strange I do, I say that you are bluffing for you see I can already see your magicks breaking down around you. Look at your precious barrier, it is almost destroyed and there is nothing you two can do about it".

"That remains to be seen" said Strange as he started to chant a spell.

While Strange was doing this Shadak was putting all of his energies into keeping the barrier up, he knew that Strange had a plan and in order for him to pull it off, Shadak needed to buy him time.

Strange then lifted up his hands and said "by the mists of monapoor let this foul creature be bound and his hands as stiff as boards".

With that the demon then stopped as his body was then made as stiff as a board, Strange then walked over to him "alright now that we have you in a somewhat managable position why don't you tell us why you've tormented this mans family".

The demon then laughed at Strange "HAHAHAHAHAHA he is only the first of what will be many, you are a fool Strange for this world will become a world of demons and there is nothing you, your friends or your precious magic can do to stop it".

"That remains to be seen demon" said Strange "who is leading you towards this action?"

The demon smiled at this "that is a secret I will take to my grave, you will die in ignorance Strange and there is nothing the two of you can do about it, how delicious is that?"

Strange then started to chant again in order to exorcise the demon from Martin Caston's body.

Strange then looked to Shadak "I will need your help once again, we need to both use our combined powers to get this foul demon out of this poor mans body, I can't do it alone as it's a delicate process seeing as how this mans body is older and more frail and there is less room for error".

Shadak then came over to where Doctor Strange was standing "I'm ready whenever you are Doctor".

"Good" said Doctor Strange "now grab a hold of my right hand as I chant the words to drive out this demon".

Doctor Strange then started to chant his spell "by the hoary hosts of hoggoth by the will of the Vishanti seperate this creature of hell from this man's body".

The demon within Martin Caston's body then started to flail a bit as the spell was obviously starting to take effect. A short but frightning scream came from the demon however it was to no avail as the demon was clearly losing power as he faded out of the man's body in a mist of green smoke.

Strange and Shadak then looked around to make sure that the demon had indeed passed from the physical realm.

"Do you think what he said was correct?" asked Shadak looking to Strange.

Strange then looked back to Shadak "I am not entirely positive however if he was telling the truth then that means we must prepare some major defenses as we will be in for the fight of our lives".

Strange then looked outside the window "it does frighten me how easily this man was able to be taken a hold of, it does make me wonder if there has been some kind of rip in the fabric between dimensional planes".

Shadak then nodded "your right Doctor and not just anyone could do something of that nature".

Strange shook his head "there is no mortal powerful enough to do such a thing, I fear that forces unseen are at work behind this, I must meditate on this and find the answer".

Strange and Shadak then headed back to the Sanctum Sanctorum with a now fully conscience Martin Caston ready to greet his daughter.

As soon as they arrived Martin rushed right into his daughters arms and wept "I'm so sorry my precious daughter, I thank god that Doctor Strange came to my aid when he did, I thought that I'd never see you again".

Strange then smiled at them both "no chance of that, however I would like the two of you to stay here for the night, I fear that your home at the moment will not be safe".

They both nodded at this and then Martin spoke "you will not get any arguements from me Doctor, not after you have saved my life".

Strange then left the two of them so that they could have some time alone.

Strange walked over to Shadak "I want you to keep on eye on those two, if what I believe is true then the demons may try and get into his body again as he was a vessel into this dimension".

Shadak then looked back to Strange "and where are you going?" he asked.

Strange started to walk upstairs "I'm going to meditate on this, we will need a plan if the demons are planning on getting to this dimension".

"And what if your meditation yields us nothing?" asked Shadak to Doctor Strange.

"Well" said Doctor Strange "if that is the case then we may be in even far more peril than I had anticipated in the first place".



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