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"For those about to die part 3"

Stephen Strange had been disturbed by the events that had unfolded thus far. The words that the demon had said to him still haunted him(*see issue 14*). Strange wondered if the world could survive a vast group of demons coming to take possession of the human race.

Strange also wondered if he alone could handle this peril, even with the help of his new friend Shadak he still pondered whether that power would be enough to stop an invasion of demons.

Shadak came over to Strange as he was pondering this in his study.

"I already know what's bothering you" said Shadak to Strange "however if I have learned anything from my time staying with you it's that no matter how impossible the situation may seem there is always a way in which Doctor Strange can resolve it".

Strange then smiled at this "you are correct, no matter what comes this way I should face it and fight with all my strength to make sure that the people of this world are always safe".

Shadak then looked to Strange "so then what's our next move my good doctor?"

Strange thought a moment before speaking "we will have to contact the spirit world, find out if indeed these demons are planning an invasion and if they are find their leader and try to stop him".

Strange then motioned for Shadak to join him in meditation so that they could make contact with the spirit realm and find out the answers to this problem.

Strange and Shadak chanted for about ten minutes before they finally recieved an answer, the flames from Strange's torch in the middle of the room started to burn a bright blue and suddenly a flaming figure was seen coming from it.

"What is it that you wish to know sorcerer supreme?" asked the flaming figure.

Strange then looked to the figure before speaking "do you know if there is a demon army amassing in the spirit realm? and if so do you also know whom they are lead by?"

The flaming figure then looked to Strange as it spoke "you guess correctly sorcerer supreme, there is indeed an army of demons amassing to take possession of all the people in the realm of the living. As to who is leading them that is something that even we do not know for they are guarding that secret and will not part with it".

Strange nodded at this before speaking "thank you, you have been most helpful, I will now return you back to your realm".

With that Strange started to chant "by the flames of the faltine I return thee to the realms of the unseen".

The Flaming figure then suddenly vanished and both Strange and Shadak were once again alone.

Doctor Strange then looked to Shadak as he spoke "it seems the only way to find out who their leader is would be to travel to the spirit realm and try to see if we can sneak our way to him".

Shadak then gave Strange a puzzled look as he spoke "listen I may not travel to the spirit realm as often as you do but one thing I can tell you for sure is that those demons certainly are not going to just let us have an audience with their leader".

Strange smiled at this as he spoke to Shadak "that is why I suggested that we sneak our way in, it's not the most brilliant plan I realize however it's the only option at this point unless you and I both are prepared to do battle with an entire demon horde".

Shadak shook his head at Strange "I hate it when your correct" he said.

Strange chuckled a bit at this before speaking "come on, two men against an entire demon horde and we are sneaking in to try and take down their leader, isn't this the kind of thing that most people live their lives for?"

Shadak then looked to Strange "yeah the psychotic ones" he said.

Strange then smiled at this "well it can be said that for anyone to combat the forces of evil that one does indeed need to be a bit of unsound mind" he said.

"I had a feeling you were going to say something like that" said Shadak as they left the room.

Strange then lead them to a mirror at the top of the stairs "I can use this as a portal to the spirit realm for the both of us, however since this is a realm of the dead it's best if we travel in our astral forms for if we were to travel in our bodies we would surely be detected" he said.

Shadak then looked to Strange before speaking "however that would leave us all the more vulnerable if we were to get caught in our astral forms".

"I know" said Strange "however that is a risk we will have to take for if we cannot find and defeat the leader of this demon horde then I fear that the entire physical plane will be doomed".

Strange then waved his hand over the mirror and soon they both could see a pathway leading to the spirit realm, both Strange and Shadak then changed to their astral forms and entered into this realm.

Strange had been to the spirit realm many times before however now when he took in their surroundings he sensed that the spirit realm was also in great danger for though it looked the same he could sense within a feeling of dread and despair.

Shadak looked to Strange as he spoke "how do we know that they are not already looking for us?"

"The answer to that particular question is that we do not know whether they are already prepared for us, however at this juncture we will have to take our chances for if we do not do something now then the world will be in dire peril" said Strange in response to Shadak.

Both Strange and Shadak then let their astral bodies drift throughout the spirit realm, looking for a place to set down and start their search for the leader of the demon horde.

They both touched down upon a crimson red path that almost looked as if it were made by bloodstones. Both Strange and Shadak then used a spell to cloak their presence.

"This spell to mask our presence should however it's not full proof, if we move around too much the demons could still sense us, be very careful as we make our way up this path" said Strange to Shadak.

Shadak smiled at Strange as they walked up the path "the only thing that I am worried about is if two men can really take on the master of a demon army" he said.

Strange looked to Shadak before speaking "you must have faith in the cause, for if we both falter now then we may as well pit the power of a new born babe against that of a lion, belief is a powerful thing and it has been said can move mountains".

"Very noble sentiments Strange, I will be sure to carve them on your tombstone" came an all too familiar voice which seemed to come from all directions.

Shadak gave a surprised look before speaking "who was that?"

"That" said Strange "would be the one who is leading this demon horde, that was the voice of The Dread Dormammu".



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