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Post  Mechajared on Fri Mar 15, 2013 5:36 am

"Shining city part 1"

The stars streaked by in a kaleidoscope of colors as Norrin Radd the man also known as the Silver Surfer flew thru the cosmos at unimaginable speeds upon his board. His was a thankless job that he had taken on however Norrin Radd knew that no matter what no one should turn a blind eye to the evils that were going on in the galaxy.

His was a lonely existence albiet a necessary one. His duty was to right the wrongs that no one else could or would do.

As he was traveling Norrin Radd recieved a mental call asking for help, it sounded like the voice of a young woman. She seemed as if she was in dire need and there seemed to be a sense of horror to her voice. Norrin Radd then raced as fast as his board could take him to the source of the womans call.

This brought him to a strange grey planet. He flew down to it and took a look around, all seemed peaceful and well, in fact this seemed a vast thriving world. High technology everywhere, plants in abundance, it seemed as if this world had no problems on the surface.

Norrin however was sure this was the source of the call for help he'd recieved. He headed to the nearest city to find someone who may know what was going on.

Once he made it into the city it once again looked like things were very peaceful here as he took in his surroundings. No one was fighting, no one was pushing or yelling at each other, crime seemed to be nowhere.

Norrin finally found someone who looked like a city official or at least someone who worked for the city.

"Where am I?" asked Norrin to the man.

The man smiled at Norrin before speaking "why you are on the world of Ganafor, the most peaceful, law abiding world in the entire cosmos".

Norrin Radd wanted to believe the man but something kept telling him that this was definitely something that was too good to be true.

Norrin then looked to the man before asking "surely you must have some dissent, I can't imagine that everyone would think exactly alike".

The man then gave Norrin a puzzled look as he began to speak "why would anyone fight against peace and order? we have the perfect society here. No war,no crime,no sickness, why would anyone want a world in which that was rampant?"

Norrin nodded at this before speaking "I mean no disrespect it's just that in my experience sentient beings do not always get along, everyone has a different idea of how their world should work, surely you've had a few dissenters".

By now the man seemed to be getting annoyed with the questions that Norrin was asking, his tone started to change when he once again spoke "everyone here loves it and we wouldn't change a thing, if there is any dissent it only comes if you bring it with you, we do not know nor do we wish to know about the ways of other worlds, this is our world and it is a paradise".

Norrin knew that by now the man would not answer any further questioning, Norrin simply nodded and said "thank you" to the man before walking off to further investigate this vast city.

Suddenly Norrin recieved the same voice in his head as before, a young woman crying out for help and the location being somewhere within this city. However he could not pinpoint the exact location, "maybe" he thought to himself "I miscalculated and the signal is coming from another world?"

"Find Gallor" came the voice again "he will help you on your journey".

Norrin had no idea where to even start, so he decided to do as he'd done before, find another person to talk to and see if they knew this Gallor.

Norrin saw a woman pass by, he went over to her before speaking "hello miss, I'm looking for someone, do you know a person by the name of Gallor?"

The woman then glared at Norrin before saying "why are you seeking him out? he's a disgraced scientist and it would be best if you stayed away from him, unless your a friend of his and if that is the case then I'd rather not speak to you".

Norrin then knew that there was something going on here as even mention of this Gallor caused such ire in someone. He knew that there was something at the bottom of this particular mystery and he was bound to find out what.

Unbeknowest to Norrin a shadowy figure then started to tail him away from his line of sight.

This went undetected by Norrin as his mind was focused on finding this Gallor.

Norrin had no idea where to find this man, he then asked "is there anywhere I can find this man?" to no one in particular hoping his mystery caller would tell him more.

Norrin then recieved another psychic call from the voice of the young woman "you will find Gallor in the underground passage underneath the pub".

"Where is this pub?" Norrin asked.

The voice answered "northwest of here, you will find it next to the tallest building in town".

"To me my board" said Norrin as he then searched the city for the tallest building, he had no idea what finding this Gallor would portend however he knew he could not turn his back on someone who was in distress.

Norrin finally spotted the building after searching all over the city, he flew down and just as the voice had told him there was a pub right next to the building. There was a bright shining sign above the establishment flashing the words "Daktor's pub". Norrin then walked into this establishment not knowing what to expect, he didn't even know if he needed a password to get in.

Norrin was greeted by a large man who then looked to him and then back at the bartender.

"Follow me" said the man to Norrin as he directed him to the bartender and they all started to whisper amongst each other.

The bartender then looked to Norrin before speaking "hey, so um...your the Silver Surfer guy most of the galaxy has been talking about right?"

"Yes" said Norrin "why is it that you have come seeking me?"

The bartender then looked around to make sure they weren't being listened in on before he spoke again "well you see, you can tell that this lovely city looks like the grandest of paradise's, am I right".

"Yes" said Norrin to the bartender.

The bartender nodded before speaking again "well that's not the true case here, that is what people are made to believe, the truth is that the people are all subjected to marshall law, they do not dare to speak out against the council of six".

"Who is this council of six?" asked Norrin.

The bartender seemed a little nervous as he continued talking "they are the one's who have ordered me to kill you" he said as he pulled out a gun.



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Post  Paul Effin' Schultz on Fri Mar 15, 2013 11:22 pm

This reads like it could've been an episodic story out of Marvel's "monster" comics and I mean that in a good way. And having recently read a whole bunch of Silver Surfer comics by way of Marvel Essentials, it definitely has the feel of those stories as well. Keep it up.

Paul Effin' Schultz

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Post  Mechajared on Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:32 am

Thank you, I geared up for writing this by reading some essential Silver Surfer, I read some of the old Stan Lee/John Buscema stuff, The graphic novels "Parable" and "the enslavers" and finally the awesome Jim Starlin penned "Return of Thanos".

I wanted to be true to his character and I felt that he always seemed a person who did the right thing yet never was given credit for it, almost like the plight of the mutants he is always feared and hated because he is different. You love him but you want to weep for him because he is truly alone in the universe.


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