Tales of Asgard #4

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Tales of Asgard #4 Empty Tales of Asgard #4

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"The ghosts of honor part 4"

Hogun stared at the sea hag as she sat there laughing at the three of them, the interlopers whom had dared entered into her domain. Hogun could tell by her heir of arrogance that it had been quite awhile since she had ever faced a worthy opponent.

"Have no fear lads" said Hogun "the sea hag only wishes to work on our wills, she will not shake the unbreakable strength of will that is an invaluable part of the warriors three".

Fandral smiled at this as he spoke "well said Grimm Hogun, thou art truly a leader of men, as thy companion it is my honor to accompany thee into battle".

"I will merely stand back and let thee take the first bit of battle as I wouldst not want to deprive thee of the glorious victory that surely wouldst happen with Volorious Volstagg at the front" said Volstagg.

"Thy courage overwhelmes us" said Fandral sarcastically.

The sea hag then laughed at all three of them before speaking "Thou hast no chance against me, I have lived long before your realm was even a dream, many of your ilk have tried and failed. You will die today and unfortunately for you it will not be the glorious death you Asgardians strive for".

"Do not discount the Warriors Three, while thine enemies may have fallen in the past thou hast not ever reckoned with the likes of us before" said Hogun as he stepped forward.

The sea hag then laughed once again as she spoke "many have said similar things to me and they have all fallen before my power, however thee and thy companions amuse me, step forward and test your worth".

"FOR ODIN AND ASGARD" shouted The Warriors Three in unison as they took up their arms against the sea hag.

The sea hag watched as they approached and then gave out a sinister smile, she then lifted her hand and shot a bolt of green energy at the three of them.

Upon hitting them The Warriors Three were then suspended in mid air in a big green bubble and were unable to move.

"Thou art indeed fools" said the sea hag "only the most lowly of baffoons would have jumped into battle against one as powerful as I. I just may keep thee around just so that I may have a bit of entertainment during these long drawn out years".

"You have no idea the tedious boredom I hath faced over all these centuries, I have not met an adversary worthy of my time, I crave the rush of battle and the struggle for dominance and all I receive are worthless pawns not even worthy of my notice. I hope that you three will reflect on this lesson as I punish thou for not providing mine appetite with something more fitting".

Hogun looked to the sea hag as he began to speak "Thy arrogance knows no bounds yon sea hag, thou mayest have had foolish warriors come to try and topple thee however they were not from the realm eternal, they were not Asgardians and lastly my lady they were not The Warriors Three".

The sea hag then once again laughed "boast all thou wantest to, there is no escape and no hope for any of you, consign thyselves to thy fates".

The Warriors Three then took their weapons and with the mightest of blows were able to shatter the magic bubble and once again faced the sea hag.

"As was stated before, thou hast not fought an Asgardian and for thy folly thou wilt fall before the courage and might of the Warriors Three" said Hogun.

Fandral nodded at this "Hogun is right, thy evil machinations come to end, no longer wilt thou torment the living".

Volstagg also took this opportunity to chime in "wilst I wouldst usually let my comrades take the lead in this, thou hast now aroused the ire of the lion of Asgard, quake before the might of Valiant Volstagg".

Fandral then smiled as he spoke "more then likely she wouldst quake before thy parading girth".

The sea hag then once again laughed "art thou telling me that you gaggle of baffoons are to be the ones to defeat me? Odin must have slipped into madness to entrust the realm to you three".

"No matter what thou thinkest of us, The Warriors Three always are there to defend the realm, not just the land itself but also the people within it" said Hogun with determination.

"Then thou wilt share in the fate of the people, they are but pawns in my game and I will use each piece as I see fit" said the sea hag now growing more annoyed with them.

Hogun then looked to Fandral before whispering to him "we can not risk another frontal assualt comrades, we have to try and trick the sea hag into exposing her self to an attack, thyself and Volstagg wilt provide a distraction whilst I move in to make the killing blow".

Fandral and Volstagg then nodded at Hogun as they both then came forward towards the sea hag.

"Thou hast not reckoned with the blade of Fandral the Dashing" said Fandral.

"Or the Lion of Asgard" said Volstagg bringing up the rear.

"It wouldst seem that thou hast not learned thy lesson" said the sea hag with a laugh.

The sea hag then raised her hand again to try and cast a spell upon the two heroes however as she did this Hogun then used this opportunity to sneak around her and then block her shot with his mace.

The shot then reflected back at the sea hag and rendered her powerless, Hogun then stood over her before speaking "I should just strike thee down however I do not like a battle won in such a way, wilt thou face me in fair combat? No magic just the skills of us and our weapons".

The sea hag looked to Hogun and glared "thou hast left me with no choice however I warn thee, I am still formidable even without my magic".

"I wouldst expect no less" said Hogun to the sea hag.

Fandral then looked to Hogun "do not do this thing, I sense trickery afoot, let Volstagg and I help thee".

Hogun then shook his head at Fandral as he began speaking "nay my friend, I hath issued a challange and I will meet it as a warrior born. None wilt be able to say that Hogun was not a man of his word".

The sea hag then laughed at Hogun "thou wilt live to regret not accepting the help of thy friends, for after today they wilt have to mourne for thy loss".

"Brave words" said Hogun "let us see if they hold any weight".

The lair of the sea hag then went completely quite as both warriors prepared to battle each other.



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