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"Shining city part 2"

Norrin Radd also known to others as the Silver Surfer found himself staring down the barrel of a laser pistol after inquiring about the man known as Galor. Apparently this was a topic that seemed to cause many to either hate him or simply try to kill him.

"I'm very sorry to do this" said the bartender "however times have been tough for me and I could definitely use the credits that I would fetch for your hide".

"Who's has paid you to eliminate me?" asked Norrin Radd.

"All I can tell you is it's someone who doesn't want a person like yourself poking around and asking too many questions, we have a way we do things here and he wants to keep it that way" said the bartender.

"So you like so many others I've met in my travels have decided to get rid of the interloper instead of asking questions like why is it my leaders want to get rid of anyone looking for information? Sentient beings are all the same no matter what galaxy I go to" said Norrin Radd.

The bartender then lead Norrin Radd out into the back alley and as he put the laser pistol into his back he said "I still want you to know that this is not anything personal, as far as offworlders go you seem a very decent person however I have a livelyhood to keep".

"Do whatever gives you a clear conscience" said Norrin Radd.

Just then the shadowy figure who had been following Norrin Radd(*see issue 1*) came forward and as quickly as a ninja disarmed the bartender and the two men who were with him and then knocked them all out cold.

Norrin Radd gazed at the stranger a moment before speaking "I thank you for your aid, may I know the identity of the person whom my life is indebted to?"

The man then took the hood off of his head revealing a bearded man who resembled Rasputin from earths history.

"I am the one whom they call Galor" said the man "I have come seeking your aid Silver Surfer".

Galor then looked around cautiously "we need to get away from here, let me lead you to a place of safety and I will explain everything to you".

Norrin Radd nodded at this "well it seems I have no other choice, my only other option would be to leave myself at the mercy of the authorities here and if they are anything like this man I'm sure I will not be getting a gracious welcome wagon".

Galor then quietly lead Norrin Radd away from the alley and to a secret location within the slums of the city.


Norrin Radd was not quite sure what to make of this whole situation. One minute he's getting told by the citizens that this is the best place to live and then the next he's having guns pulled on him and being lead to secret hiding places.

Norrin Radd could definitely see that this place was nothing like what it seemed. He sadly had a feeling that he was right before in his thinking that this place had some undercurrent of evil to it.

"Where are we heading?" asked Norrin Radd.

"To a place where we can show you the truth" said Galor as they went into an underground cellar.

Norrin Radd looked around at the place as they went further inside. It was a good place to hide away, a nice solid building looking much like a qaint little cottage however underneath was a room full of computers and tables with which many a meeting seemed to be held to debate about the current state of the government.

"Welcome Silver Surfer to the People's United, we are a close knit group looking to get rid of the tyrants in power" said Galor to Norrin Radd.

"What tyrants?" asked Norrin Radd "the other citizens seem to think this place is a utopia".

"That my dear Silver Surfer is a farce" said Galor "the ones who rule the government only want people to think this place is a utopia in order to fool the other planets so that they do not realize that this place is under martial law and it's citizens are basically slaves".

"How did this come to be?" asked Norrin Radd.

"It all happened when the high council of six took over" said Galor "allow me to explain the history".

"You see, this city used to be like so many other city's, you had good people, bad people and people who just didn't care and went about their daily lives. A melting pot really however the people were free to choose what they wanted to do in life. Well that all stopped about 20 years ago when the council of six came to us and offered to turn our city into a vast metropolis".

Galor took a breath and then continued "That was our mistake you see for we had no idea what we would be subjected to when we accepted their offer to help our city. Once they took power they started placing all sorts of laws into place to make sure the masses did whatever was told of them. Free will became a thing of the past, yeah sure crime stopped, at least from the public view however we were not allowed to think for ourselves. Everything that we did had to be approved by the council of six. If they believed what you thought was harmful to their society they quietly had you removed and you were never heard from again. I know that free will has it's price like people being selfish and arrogant however without it we might as well be machines. People do have the right to think for themselves".

Norrin Radd sat a moment taking in what he had just heard "if what you say is true then this council of six is really guilty of strangling the soul of this city, it looks splendid on the outside however it seems to be rotting from within. I had a feeling this was the case when I first came here, I wanted so much for this place to be the metropolis it looked to be however there were many elements which seemed to indicate that everything was not what it seemed".

Galor nodded at this "your feelings were correct Surfer, this place looks wonderful however it is anything but the paradise it claims to be. The people are stifled and not allowed to grow, we stagnate and just do as we're told. The time has come for us to reclaim our rights" said Galor slamming his fist down on the table.

Norrin Radd then looked to Galor "while your enthusiam is very moving we can't let our emotions get the better of us, I used to be the exact same way as you and let my passions get the better of me however I realized that as good as emotions can be if we become slaves to them then we become inept. It would be best if we tried to formulate a plan to stop the council of six".

Galor then looked at Norrin Radd angrily "are you saying that my emotions make me weak?"

"Not at all" said Norrin Radd "I'm merely saying that there is a time for being logical and a time for being emotional. Right now in order to achieve your goal we need to use logic in this instance".

Galor then sat back down "agreed" he said seeming a little put out.

"Now then" said Norrin Radd "tell me about this Council of six".



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