Coming Soon....Howard The Duck MAX #1: The Fury

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Coming Soon....Howard The Duck MAX #1: The Fury Empty Coming Soon....Howard The Duck MAX #1: The Fury

Post  Erik Dee Fullmer on Mon May 28, 2012 9:12 pm

Coming Soon....Howard The Duck MAX #1: The Fury Hd1a

That's right! Howard The Duck and his long time and faithful friend with benifits, Beverly take on the world....starting
with New York! Months after the Civil War unrest between Earth's Mightiest Heroes, earth's mightiest heroes,
Howard is still furious over the Superhuman Registration Act. Because he's required to register? No. It's because after his attempt to register he was turned away due to his lack of class and learns his socially disrupted life has created so many bureaucratic headaches that the government's policy is that Howard does not exist and so he's out to prove them otherwise. As if not having to worry about jury duty and parking fines weren't enough to satisfy. He just wants humans to RECOGNIZE! So Howard decides to start up an all new private investigating team that will send them to the darkest shadows of the New York underworld to face the unimaginable. Oh, and did we mention he's back to smoking his beloved cigars, sort of.

Howard The Duck: The Fury. Written by Erik Dee Fullmer, this will be a mini-series that will place Howard and his girlfriend and teammate, Beverly in some very odd and at times deadly predictaments. But nothing a little Quack-Fu can't handle. Expect to see old friends and foes to pop up and...well stay tuned. It's going to get CRAZY!!!

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