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Post  Mechajared on Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:15 am

"The illusion of power part 4"

Doctor Strange was a man who now knew what had to be done, John one of his patients had fallen for a deception given to him by a wicked king named Ashtor. Ashtor had promised John good health in return for his help in making the realm of earth a better place however he really meant to enslave the earth and use up John's life essence in order to further that aim. Ashtor had also enslaved his own people and were forcing them to support him and giving them very little and in most cases nothing in return.

Strange now more then ever knew that Ashtor had to be stopped and forced to pay for his crimes against humanity. Strange then remembered Tristan and Johan, he looked out back to see if they were still there. Strange had no need to worry as they had both rendered their captors unconscience.

Strange then looked to them both "we have to get back to the others, we have the supplies we need, we tell them that now is the time to strike against Ashtor".

All of them wasted no time in getting back to the meeting place. As soon as they got there Doctor Strange had them assemble the leaders. "I know you are all wondering why I have gathered you here today, well the answer to that is simple, we have exactly what we need to defeat Ashtor and his group of tyrannical fascists".

All of them looked to Strange "it's true you have provided us with the weapons we require however raiding a weapon depot and storming a castle are two different things" said one of the council members.

"You were all for this plan before we went to the depot and now you are telling me that you have changed your mind?" asked Strange. "We have not changed our minds" said the head member "we are merely skeptical to the point that we are not sure this is the time to strike".

"I do not believe what I am hearing. You are telling me after all the planning, after all the speeches you gave me, after all the rhetoric our plan is not happening?" said Strange in anger.

"We are not saying that it is off, we are merely saying we believe we should change the time" said the head council member.

"I know what you are saying" said Strange "You are saying that because you fear Ashtor's wrath that you will not attack at this time because you would rather live as a slave then die as a free man, am I wrong?"

"We dare not stand against him at this time for the consequences could be dire, if you wish to attack him I'm afraid you will have to do it alone" said the head council member.

"Fine then that's what I will do" said Strange

"Not alone but with us" said Tristan and Johan "we owe this man and we will be proud to fight at his side".

Strange looked to them both and smiled "both of you have helped me tremendously, I thank you both for helping me with this task, for if Ashtor is not stopped here then he will continue to build up power until there is nothing left in any realm".

The head council member looked to all of them "I can't in good conscience let all of you go without a little help, so if you insist on going then please take a contingent of guards with you and may the holy one watch over you all".

Strange looked to him "thank you and that is all I will require for you see I feel that a large force would ruin the element of surprise, I feel that a small force would be able to get in and get out more quickly without the many casualties that would befall a larger force".

Strange then gathered a small force of about a dozen men as he felt this would be more then sufficient for them to get in and take care of Ashtor personally. He only hoped that Ashtor would be caught off guard and not already be prepared for them all.


Strange had come to a high cliffside overlooking the castle, he kept his men well hidden not only by positioning them at strategic points but by also casting a spell so they would not be detected by the enemy guards.

Strange got out a spy glass which they had used for the last operation "it seems to me that the best route to go thru would be the side entrance which leads to the outer chambers right outside of Ashtor's throne room".

"It will still be very dangerous" said Johan.

"Of course" said Strange "however most of what makes up a victory is the risk involved".

"I'm putting my trust in you Doctor as are all of these men" said Johan "I am sure that this plan will succeed, you helped secure the depot and I am sure you can help us get rid of Ashtor".

"I'm just winging it really" said Strange sarcastically.

Strange lead the small group quietly towards the castle as they all prepared to sneak their way in and fight Ashtor.

"You're right doctor, it seems this side of the castle is far less guarded then the rest of it" said Johan. "Of course" said Strange "Ashtor is so full of egotism that he believes that no one will try and threaten his rule so he merely has his guards at the main entry ways".

Strange lead them safely thru the passageways albeit very carefully making sure as not to make too many sudden moves or sounds. Many of the guards were more focused on taking care of the main entrance then they were about checking out all possible entry routes. Strange had no doubt that Ashtor really did believe that he would be ruler forevermore.

Once they had gotten close to their destination Strange then whispered to the men "alright all of you will take out the guards near the throne room, I will go and handle Ashtor personally, him and I have much to sort out anyways".

Strange then gave the signal as he saw some of the guards at the throne room entrance and with that all of them rushed in quickly and started to fight with the guards.

"raise the alarm" said the head guard.

"Not happening" said Tristan as she knocked the man unconscience.

Strange then took this opportunity to get his way inside of the throne room however to his surpise Ashtor was already there in full battle garb. "It's good to see you again, I believe Syrel referred to you as Doctor Strange, have you come to beg for mercy before I enslave your world?".

"Like hell" said Strange "not only have I come to stop you but I have also come to avenge Johns death, you gave him false hope and for that he died, you sir are the worst kind of evil".

"And what did you give him my good doctor? as far as I could see he was merely wasting away in your hospital just waiting for death to come, at least with me I gave him a purpose to work for" said Ashtor.

"No, what you gave him was false hope and in return he only got more pain and suffering, he died way before his time, at least with me he could have had more of a life to live, but now we will never know because you decided your selfish need for conquest was worth his life and that of many others, prepare yourself sir for I fear that only death is the way we shall be rid of your evil" said Strange as he grabbed took up a sword(*grabbed during the previous raid on the weapons depot*).

"You would have made a good soldier for me if you had chosen your loyalties a whole lot better, I could have made you the best sorcerer ever and all you would have had to do was help me subjugate your world. Don't you see Doctor that people are sheep which need to be controlled, if they are allowed to roam about free and do as they please then they will turn to anarchy and there would be no order. Crush them beneath your boot and take away their rights and then you have a truly happy people for there is no chaos" said Ashtor as he took up his sword as well.

"You also do not take into account that there is no happiness, there is no progress, the people remain stagnant and not ever able to reach their full potential. The remain as slaves and that sir is sometimes worse then death" said Strange as he lunged forward at Ashtor taking a swing at him.

Ashtor jumped back dodging the swing, he then lunged forward himself trying to stab Strange in the gut however Strange saw this coming and moved out of the way. Strange then took a swing at Ashtors left arm which Ashtor in turn dodged.

"You are a fool Strange, free will is the problem, when people have it then they usually use it in all the wrong ways. There is an order, there are those you rule and those who are to be ruled" said Ashtor in anger.

"If that is what you truly believe" said Strange "then you sir are the fool for you do not see the power of the common man, they are the one's who make nations great, they are the one's who make sure that everything is working at the end of the day, the rulers simply have the illusion of power".

Ashtor grew angry at this and lunged at Strange once again however this time because of his anger which Strange had noted early on (*see issue 1*) Strange was able to use his momentum against him and threw him to the ground and right onto Strange's waiting blade.

"I am truly sorry that I have had to take a life" said Strange "however I am not sorry that I have snubbed out an evil which would have poisoned every world it came to, men should always be free to choose as they want. Yes it may not always be the right decision however it's not ever our place to make the decision for them, that sir is how we learn".

"This is not the end, you think you have won something here but I will tell you that there will be others just like me, they will keep coming and I don't believe you will cling to your Ideology long" said Ashtor as he finally caughed out his last breaths.

"That is why the forces of good must always be ever vigilant" said Strange as he left the throne room.

Strange then went outside and saw that all of the palace guards had been taken out by his men under the command of Tristan and John. Strange then smiled "Ashtor is no more, you are free to do as you please".

There was a huge cheer heard from the men. Johan looked to Strange "why don't you stay with us hear for a bit Doctor, we certianly would love to give you a hero's feast".

"No thank you, I must decline for you see if I am gone too long wong is sure to have some sort of heart attack, just know that I will come back and visit from time to time, this place does let me know still that the masses no matter where they come from are the heart of every world".


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Doctor Strange #4 Empty Re Doctor Strange 4

Post  Eric Nyman on Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:18 pm

OMG Jared that was a great ending. I love the part about control versus free will

Eric Nyman

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Doctor Strange #4 Empty Re: Doctor Strange #4

Post  Mechajared on Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:02 am

Once again thank you, I have always loved stories where the villain had some kind of logical reason why he was doing something in this case it's a very flawed reason however you can in some small way identify with what he is saying.

It's the same with Strange's rebuttal, he also points out that without free will how would we grow?

It's a study of philosophies near the end basically.


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