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"Stranger in a strange land part 4"

written by Jared Gifford
Co-written by Mori Kessler

Strange sat down near the entrance of a large library. One which Ether had led him to as they felt this was a more fitting enviroment for the telling of a long tale.

Ether looked to Strange "you see this story began many ages ago and is still being played out even as we speak, it has many twists and turns and in many ways does not end well".

Strange listened as Ether began to relate the tale to him.

"It all started many centuries ago, you see Shadak is my brother and him and I are of a special bloodline. I assume that you are already familiar in your texts of the Shya?" asked Ether.

Strange nodded at this "yes the book of the Vishanti told of your people's history however it said nothing of your personal family history".

Ether looked to Strange "that is not surprising, that is something that we prefer is passed on from parent to child". Anyhow during that time our father ruled this place, he was a very good and just ruler and the dreamer world was prosperous and happy".

"However that happiness didn't last, over the course of many years our father started growing more and more erratic. He would grow paranoid and start thinking that there were plots against him when in fact there were not. It all became apparent when he started accusing our older brother Jared of being a traitor and would have him constantly watched."

"Finally as more time passed we all started to fear for Jared because our father would constantly be threatning him and finally one night our fears were confirmed. We had all gathered for a large feast in the dining hall and our father then without a word punched Jared in the face and started to do battle with him".

"The battle had gotten very intense however unfortunately our father was able to gain the upper hand and when he did he cut off our brothers wings. When this happened Shadak did not take this well and then also challenged our father to a fight".

"However Shadak had an advantage in his particular set of gifts, you see he was granted the power to be able to end someones life with but the touch of his hand. Unfortunately for our father his fate was sealed when Shadak lead down the challenge. There was not much of a fight or struggle once Shadak had avoided our fathers attack and laid his hands on him it was only a matter of a few seconds and our father was dead".

"Don't get me wrong, many of us were relieved in a way that our father was finally free from his madness. However because our law states that no one may take the life of another unless in case of war Shadak was sentenced to be exiled and stripped of his position".

"Shadak actually took it quite well, he submitted to the law and was stripped of his title and his feather wings were made into the mechnical wings you saw and on his right hand we placed the limiter which you also bore witness too".

"However we couldn't let word get out of our world or our ways to primitive beings such as those that dwell on your world. For unfortunately you know as well as I do that the people of your world are always afraid of that which they do not understand. So to protect our secret we used our powers to block Shadak's memory so that he has no idea where he came from. As far as he knows he's just another wandering mystic who has a case of amnesia".

Ether paused a moment as he finished up his story "so that is the tale Strange as to why his memory must remain sealed and why he must not remember who he is and what he has done".

Strange took all of this in and contemplated a moment "I do understand your reasoning for all of this however I can feel that he is drawing evil towards him like a magnet. He is not safe if he does not know who he is and where he comes from".

Ether then looked to Strange "I wish I could however as I told you our law is quite clear and we have prided ourselves in the fact that we always stick to the law".

Strange then looked to Ether "however you and I both know that laws are not absolute, they change as regimes change. Seeing as how the former ruler passed down that law wouldn't you say that the current ruler be allowed to ask for some change?"

This was then contemplated by Ether "while I do agree that it is possible you do have to understand that our people are a people of tradition, it is very difficult to go against laws which have been handed down thru many centuries".

Strange nodded at this "however if your people are anything like many of the beings that make up existence they will in time adapt, and soon that will become tradition".

Ether nodded at this "it is something I will ponder on however until it is decided I fear that you must return to your world for I also sense a great evil is coming to seek harm to both you and Shadak".


Gregg smiled as he had managed to use his magic to secure the book of the Vishanti "I truly have become as a god" Gregg said as he clutched the book. He looked through it's pages and saw that it contained the most powerful magics in the universe.

"With this I will be able to make the people listen to me, they will be forced to understand the torment I have endured to get to this level, for through pain comes strength" Gregg said as he let out a maniacal laugh.

"Now on to Doctor Strange and taking the title of Sorcerer supreme for myself. While I am at it I will take the powers of the Dreamers stone as well. Soon no one will be able to stand against me" Gregg said as he conjured a large yellow bubble around himself which then flew him out of the Sanctum Sanctorum and towards the power he could feel emitting from Doctor Donald Blake's office.

Doctor Donald Blake had been watching over Strange and Shadak as they were still in a transcendental state and were vunerable to any kind of attack. So far it seemed as if no problems had arisen however Doctor Blake felt that something sinister was in the air.

His feelings were indeed true when without warning a strange man in a floating yellow orb came crashing thru his office window.

"I have come here for Doctor Strange and the foreign visitor and I will not be deterred from my destiny as the new god of this world" said the stranger to Doctor Blake.

Doctor Blake knew that Strange needed some time to finish his work inside of Shadak's mind so he hit his staff upon the ground thereby turning himself into the mighty Thor. "I shall not let thee pass vile one, Strange and Shadak remain under the care of the god of thunder and thou wilt have to deal with me" said Thor in response.

Gregg then laughed "what can you do puny one? your kind has not ruled the heavens since the dark ages, a new age is dawning and it has no place for relics like you".

Thor looked to the man "I say thee nay, as long as Thor draws breath he will protect those that are under his watch, to arms evil one".



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