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Tales of Asgard #2 Empty Tales of Asgard #2

Post  Mechajared on Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:19 am

"The ghosts of honor part 2"

The Warriors Three suddenly found themselves surrounded by the armies of the dead, Hogun looked all around them and then back to the rider in black.

"I cannot say that we abide you taking the souls of the living, we have come here to demand that you stop this folly" said Hogun to the rider in black.

The rider in black then burst out into laughter "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thou who are still tethered to the realm of the living dare to address me in this manner, I could steal the very life force from you this very second and there would be nothing thou wouldst be able to do about it".

Hogun then looked to the rider in black "I hath seen many things in my lifetime and even though thou hast a huge army and indeed thou dost seem unbeatable, thou wilt not find The Warriors Three lacking in courage this day".

Volstagg then shook at the knee's "though thou may find us a little slow in the feet due to our running so hard".

Fandrall then looked to Volstagg "Art thou not sure it's fear of death that stays thine shaking feet?"

"A pox upon that Fandral" said Volstagg "I am merely being courteous to our foe's as the full might of Volstagg wouldst be too much for them".

Fandral smiled "Well perhaps the full weight of Volstagg in the least".

The rider in black then laughed again "HAHAHAHAHA, thou art a troop of baffoons, how in the nine realms dost thou intend to stop us?"

Hogun then looked right at the rider in black "my companions may seem that way however thou art mistaken if thou thinks he will find The Warriors Three easy prey this day".

Hogun,Fandral and Volstagg remained and held their ground, judging their opponents moves they all knew that they couldn't just rush right in seeing as how their enemys were not even alive.

The rider in black then smiled "I am impressed with all of you, thou hast not departed even though the threat of death is upon you all, however impressed or no I will add your souls to my army, have thou anything to say before you are added to the ranks of the dead?"

"Only but one question" said Hogun to the rider in black "wilt thou face me in a man to man fight without any handicaps? thou must admit that a battle won without a struggle is not really a battle at all and not at all worthy of a true warrior".

The rider in black then smiled at this "well played warriors, alright" he then pointed to Hogun "since thou art the one who has asked then thou will be the one to face me, I will not use any handicap and if thou does win then we will do whatever thou likes, however if I win then thou and thine companions will become new soldiers in my undead army".

Hogun then looked to his companions "if thou wishes not to participate in this then we will find some other way, however I would ask you both to trust me, wilt thou be willing to put thy lives in my hands".

Volstagg scratched his head "well....uh....that is to say"

Fandral then cut in "we both know that thou wilt do us proud, our lives are in thine hands dear Hogun, make this rider regret he ever heard of The Warriors Three".

The rider in black then smiled at them all "thou art a brave lot to put thy lives in the hands of this one warrior, I hope thou wilt go willingly when this contest is over and I am victorious".

Hogun then looked to the rider in black "do not boast foul one as this contest has yet to be decided, now dismount and face me as a warrior born".

The rider in black then dismounted his demon horse and then looked to Hogun "tis not a boast when one knows that the contest favors him over his opponent, I hope that thou hast had a good life".

Hogun then looked to the rider in black "enough talk, to arms foul one".

The rider in black then lunged forward at Hogun with his flaming sword, fortunately Hogun was able to dodge the attack and took a quick swing at the rider in black with his mace. The rider in black was also able to dodge this attack however not without consequence as the mace managed to graze his left arm.

"Well done" said the rider in black "however thou hast only delayed thy death, thou wilt not win this battle".

Hogun then smiled "I believe the folks of midgard have a saying do not count thy chickens before they are hatched" he said as he took another swing at the rider.

The rider managed to dodge the blow and swung his sword at Hogun "die worm" said the rider.

Hogun then moved to his left and dodged the swing "I'd repeat the sentiment worm however thou hast already done so long ago".

Hogun then swung his mace towards the riders feet catching him offguard and tripping him up.

The rider then looked up at Hogun who was standing over him with his mace to the riders chin.

"I believe this decides the contest and I hope that thou is true to thy word, for I do have a question for thee" said Hogun to the rider in black.

The rider in black then looked to Hogun "thou hast indeed won this battle, I am thine to command, what would thou ask of this departed warrior".

Hogun then looked back to his companions and smiled and then returned his glance to the rider in black "I would ask thee how is it that your company came to be this way, and if there should be a way to get thee to the afterlife so that the cycle of life and death can be as it was meant to be".

Fandral and Volstagg smiled at this as they could tell that this had been a ploy all along by Hogun to try and get the leader of this spectral group of warriors to tell him how to get them to pass on and to quit plaguing the living.

"There is but one way to do this task warrior" said the rider in black "thou must travel to the land of the old sea hag, she was the one who placed the curse upon us which made us spirits and wander eternally, she lives at the edge of the dark elves home of Svartelhiem".

Hogun then looked to Fandral and Volstagg "well then my friends I would say tis great weather to make a journey to Svartelhiem".



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