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Tales of Asgard #3 Empty Tales of Asgard #3

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"The ghosts of honor part 3"

It had been a long and arduous journey however Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg had managed to make the trek to the end of Svartelhiem. All of them took a look at their surroundings, there was a long stretch of ocean bordering the edge of Svartelhiem, this Hogun figured was where they would find the sea hag.

Fandral then looked to Hogun "Why art thou doing this Grimm Hogun? thou owes no debt to that vile rider".

Hogun then looked back to Fandral "let it never be said that Hogun is not a man of his word, not only is honor at stake my friends but also that a great evil will be undone if we continue on this quest, this is something I must do my comrades and I wouldst hope that thou wilt still accompany me".

Volstagg then smiled as he put his big arms around both Fandral and Hogun "Thou wilt always have the aid of thy companions, would we be the warriors three if we were reduced to but one, I say thee nay".

With that Hogun and his companions made their way to the coast and started to survey the sea for signs of a cave, wrecked ship or dwelling which would house the sea hag of which the rider in black spoke of.

Fandral then looked to Hogun "I cannot see a thing Grimm Hogun, I fear that this quest may be in vain I am sorrowed to say".

Hogun then smiled at Fandral and Volstagg "I had read a book by the midgard author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and within it was said that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth".

Fandral then gave Hogun a puzzled look "what dost thou mean by that?"

Hogun then smiled again "what I mean comrades is that if the entrance is not within our sights obviously it is not where our eyes can behold it".

Volstagg was then puzzled "art thou saying that the entrance is invisible?"

Hogun smiled at this "that is exactly what I am saying my rotund companion, I suspect there to be foul magic afoot".

Fandral then nodded at this "I see, the sea hag wouldst definitely want to hide herself as it would make seeking her pray all the more easy".

"Let us journey to the coastline, I am most positive that we wil find a clue to the sea hag's wherabouts therein" said Hogun to his companions.

With that they traveled down the edge of Svartelhiem till they reached the coastline, Fandral and Hogun then scanned the area looking for signs of anything unusual.

Volstagg lagged behind, Fandral and Hogun then looked back at him before Fandral said "what is it that holds thee back rotund one? do not tell us that fear holds thee at bay?"

"A pox upon that talk" said Volstagg "I merely wish to serve as a barrier to any villain who wouldst seek to escape".

Fandral then laughed "and shake the ground beneath them with the quaking of thy knee's".

Hogun then held up his hand to silence the banter "hold my comrades, I believe I may have found wherein lies the sea hag" he said pointing to the side of the cliff which overlooked the sea.

Fandral then glanced at the cliffside before saying "I know I may be getting on in years however I dare say that the cliffside is but a cliffside Grimm Hogun".

Hogun smiled at this "to the naked eye that wouldst seem the case however if thou wouldst but look closer thine eyes wouldst behold a rippling effect which tells me that the sea hag hath cast a spell to hide her lair from sight".

Fandral then nodded at this "that wouldst make sense as well, if she was crafty enough to entrap those riders then she wouldst definitely know how to decieve the eyes of any passerby".

Hogun nodded as they headed for the cliffside "we would be wise to be careful, we know not what awaits us and should be prepared for any kind of situation".

Volstagg then laughed at this "what foul thing could ever topple the Warriors Three?"

Fandral then laughed "thou wouldst be wise to make sure thy voluminous body did not topple for fear of the possible rumble that would result".

Hogun and his companions then crept along the side of the cliff so as not to alert anything that might await them as they made their way to where they had seen the rippling effect.

Once they had come upon the location of the rippling effect Hogun then took out his mace and lightly touched it to where the effect was happening. The side of the mountain then started to ripple within that same spot once again.

Hogun smiled at this "it is as I hath thought, this is the entrance to her lair and she has covered it up with some kind of vile magic, careful as we make our way inside my comrades".

Volstagg then spoke "I will merely hold back so that the glory be thine my friends, I wouldst not wish to rob thee of thy triumph".

Hogun then looked to Volstagg "is that why thou trembles in fear large one?"

"Pahh" said Volstagg "I am but the wall that will bar their escape my comrades".

Hogun led the way inside the lair of the sea hag, once they had made it thru the rippling barrier they could see that the sea hag was no ordinary witch. Her lair contained some of the finest refinements, jewels adorned the walls and tapestries depicting family lines from many millenia ago.

"Be thee careful my comrades, I fear that we are up against an enemy most ancient and powerful, be ever alert" Hogun said to Fandral and Volstagg.

Fandral nodded at this "I must agree with thee Grimm Hogun, it wouldst seem that our sea hag has been with us since time immemorial".

"That is quite correct travelers, thou has guessed that I have been on this plane of existence since life began and now that thou hast found my dwelling I cannot allow thee to leave here" said the voice of the sea hag bellowing throughout the entire lair.

The warriors three then kept creeping forward, being cautious as they kept on moving forward for they knew that the sea hag was not a enemy to be trifled with if she could fell an entire army and turn them into life sucking spectors.

They then came to an opening which seemed to lead into a much larger room, The warriors three crept to the opening and then with weapons in hand they rounded the corner and saw their enemy. The sea hag sat as if she had been waiting for them, she did not look horrid as they believed but was actually quite striking, she smiled as they came in.

"Welcome warriors three, thy reputations have spread even to this part of the nine realms however I regret to inform thee that thy time in the land of the living ends on this day" the sea hag said as her laugh echoed throughout the lair.



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