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Post  Eric Nyman on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:12 pm

Writer's noted the following issue takes place before Craig Debroad's final issue of Avengers.

"This time we do it right Parker", Norman Osborn said with a smile.

"No monologue.....No telling you how evil I am and giving away my master plan", Norman added.

"Just my hand aound your throat and I get to watch the life drain out of you", Norman continued.

"Until you left a lifeless....dead...husk", concluded Norman as his smile grew broader.

Issue 5#
"Brand New Day Part 5"
"The Prestige"
Written by Eric J Nyman

Peter's breath came in short sharp jolts as Norman continued to squeeze his throat. Every fiber in his body straining to bring oxygen into his lungs in a desperate attempt to stay alive. His vision was begining to go pink and blurry around the edges. With the power of the symbiote added to his own maniacal Goblin formula induced strength Norman seemed almost unbeatable.

Thoughts of Harry, Gwen Stacy, Ben Reilly, even Mary Jane and Aunt May ran through Peter's head. Everybody that had ever suffered at Norman's despicable diabolical hands. As he reached his weakest point though, one all consuming thought ran through Peter's mind.

"If I am going to die the last thing I want to see is Norman's ugly ass smile".

With a newfound rush of energy Peter looked around and saw a piece of one of the pipes that ran across the ceiling. Raising his hand into the air Peter fired a webline that looped over the pipe and came back down sticking to the back off Norman's neck.

"You missed", Norman said with an evil lear.

"Did I Now", responded Peter with a mischievous smirk.

With all of his remaining strength Peter wrapped the webline around his hand and jerked downward as hard as he could.

Norman was not prepared for the force of Peter's move and was thrown into the air. Norman barely had time to get the symbiote to cover his face before striking the pipe head first. The sharp crack of bone hitting metal echoed through the building as Venom released his grip on Peter. Who managed to fire a second webline at one of the other pipes and swing away as Venom dropped back down to the ground in a heap.

Spiderman was never so glad to breath New York air as he was in this moment. Peter could feel his strength slowly returning as he slowly slid down the webline to the ground. He knew he only had a few seconds to catch his breath before Venom got his bearings.

'Time to change Tactics", Peter said to himself.

Like a wounded animal with nothing but primal rage in his heart Venom let out a roar and lunged at Spiderman. Venom's screams echoed through out the building as Spiderman sidestepped him and hooked one of Venom's outstretched arms with his own. Spiking Venom into the floor with a hiptoss.

Venom was up in the blink of an eye and grabbed Peter by the throat again and lifted him into the air, but Spiderman was ready this time and shot webbing into Venom's mouth and eyes. The move startled Venom for a second and caused him to let go of Spiderman. As he dropped downward Spiderman grabbed Venom in a front facelock and swung his weight out to one side.

Spidey swung Venom around in a complete three sixty before driving him headfirst into the floor with a tornado DDT. Kipping up to a standing position, Spiderman waited for Venom to rise. Venom came to his feet and swung wildly at Spiderman, who ducked Venom's punch and grabbed him in a waistlock.

Spiderman pulled Venom into a rolling cradle and back to a standing position and then into a Release German Suplex, driving Venom's head and shoulders into the ground. Spiderman kipped up to his feet again and smiled through bruised puffy lips.

"Thank God for Pro Wrestling", Peter said aloud.

Venom got to a standing position again, and Spiderman performed a triple carthweel into a diving clothesline that sent Venom for a flip, and crashing stomach first into the concrete.

Venom rolled over onto his stomach and looked at Peter and began to laugh.

"What's so funny", asked Spiderman.

"You seem to fight harder against me, then you do everybody else", replied Venom.

"Why is that", venom asked as the symbiote melted away revealing Norman Osborn's face.

"You just piss me off more", replied Peter.

Peter paused for a moment as something occured to him. He knew from experience that the symbiote was a seperate entity and in many ways a jealous lover. When Eddie Brock possesed the symbiote he often refered to the symbiote as his other half. Many times Venom called itself "We". Even Mac Gargan did it on occasion. Even if Norman had accquired the symbiote, it would still work with Norman as a seperate entity.

"Something is not right", Peter thought.

Peter's brief hesitation was the opening Venom needed as he in one movement leapt to his feet and punched Spiderman squarely in the face. Spiderman could feel his teeth rattle and the coppery tang of blood fill his mouth almost instantly. The force of the blow sending him flying backwards.

This time though Spiderman managed to fire a webline at the wall behind Venom. Spidey pulled the webline taught and used the elasticity to break his foward momentum and slingshot himself back toward Venom. Spiderman stuck his hands out in front of him and clenched his fists striking Venom in the stomach and driving him into the wall.

Both Spidey and Venom crumbled to the ground, every muscle in Peter's body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds as he struggled to get to his feet. While Venom stayed down.

Spiderman finally got to his feet as he heard footsteps coming toward him. He turned to see Harry and Mary Jane come into the warehouse. Harry was carrying some sort of apparatus while Mary Jane rushed foward and wrapped her arms around Peter.

"You ok", asked Mary Jane.

"Never better", replied Peter.

"What's with the Super Soaker Harry", asked Peter.

"Its a Sonic Disruptor, MJ told me about the symbiote", Harry said as he dropped it and hugged Peter.

"Pete I am so sorry about this", Harry said.

"It's ok Harry.....you are you're own man", Peter began.

"What you father does is", Peter began but suddenly stopped as his Spider Sense suddenly returned with a vengence.

Peter grabbed Harry and dove off to the side, as he saw Mary Jane go to pick up the Sonic Disruptor. Venom had recovered and had attempted to charge Peter from behind. Mary Jane pulled the trigger on the Sonic Disruptor.

One Million Decibels of concentrated sound struck Venom squarely in the chest. Venom screamed in agony as the symbiote seemed to melt away in a flurry of black tendrils revealing Norman Osborn underneath. Normally the shock of the seperation would be enough to render both the symbiote and the host unconscious. Howver this time something strange happened.

As the symbiote became inert and fell to the floor in a pile of black goo. Norman Osborn screamed and slowly melted away as well, into a pile of fleshy pink protoplasm.

There was nothing left of either of them.

Eric Nyman

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Post  Paul E. Schultz on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:05 pm

I always figured Pete and Harry probably got together and watched pay-per-view wrestling. Your writing just gets better and better, man. Can't wait for #6.
Paul E. Schultz
Paul E. Schultz

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Post  Mechajared on Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:42 am

This is really good, you are really keeping the suspense up. I want to read more.


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